Check out Sunderland slimmer Tracy's incredible weight loss

A Sunderland receptionist couldn't be happier now she is able to wear her late mum's engagement ring - after shedding more than 10st.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 9:46 am
Slimmer Tracey Ingram has lost over 10 stone.

Tracy Ingram, 53, has transformed her life since joining Slimming World in Ryhope two years ago.

The mum-of-two from Enid Avenue, Fulwell, piled on the weight in the years after losing her mum Margaret Smith to breast cancer back in 2004, aged 67.

Tracy Ingram before her weight loss.

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Turning to food to cope with the grief, Tracy saw her weight balloon to 22st and a size 28.

The increased weight led to a series of health problems, including uncontrolled blood pressure and breathlessness.

But it was only a change of job that led to her incredible weight loss.

Tracy said: “In 2004 I lost my mum to cancer. The grieving process was worse five months later, resulting in me having panic attacks and not being able to leave the house for nine months.

Tracy Ingram after her incredible weight loss.

“During that time, I was lacking in exercise and eating total rubbish.

“My weight increased year after year, and at my heaviest I had no life, suffering with uncontrolled blood pressure, high cholesterol, breathlessness, and pains in my feet and legs which meant I couldn’t get around very well.

“I was spiralling out of control and couldn’t see a way out of it all.

“I had tried cutting back my food, but always felt hungry, which resulted in me picking at all the wrong things.

Tracy Ingram before her weight loss.

“In 2014 I changed my job and while waiting for my bus home I noticed quite a few people attending Ryhope Community Centre and realised it was a Slimming World group.

“It was on my mind all night, which made me decide to join the following week.”

Tracy has now been going to the group for two years and in that time has lost an incredible 10 st 2lb and now weighs 11st 12lb and is a size 14.

And she has reaped the health benefits, seeing her blood pressure return to normal and getting rid of her breathlessness and pains.

Tracy Ingram wearing the treasured rings.

Tracy even enjoys exercise and goes on a 30-minute walk every day during her lunch hour from work.

Tracy, who even won Miss Slinky in 2016 and 2017, added: “I have now got my love of cooking back, trying new recipes from the books.

“The group is always fun and I have won Miss Slinky in 2016 and 2017. I was a runner-up in Woman of the Year in 2016 and won it in 2017.

“I was also Greatest Loser in 2017 and this year.

“I have always had a good social life and found that joining Slimming World did not stop me, I just had to make the right choices while out.

“I now have my life back, thanks to Slimming World.

Tracy Ingram before her weight loss.

“However, the most important thing to me is that I am now able to wear my mum’s eternity and engagement rings which she left me. I couldn’t be happier.”

Diet before:

Breakfast: Honeynut Cornflakes with lots of milk.

Lunch: Cheese sandwich, crisps and a chocolate bar.
Dinner: Pasta using jars of sauces.

Snacks: Chocolate biscuits.

Diet after:

Breakfast: Bran, yoghurt and berries.

Lunch: Ham or chicken salad.
Dinner: Pasta with sauces made from scratch.
Snacks: Fruit.

Tracy Ingram after her incredible weight loss.
Tracy Ingram before her weight loss.
Tracy Ingram wearing the treasured rings.