Celebrities say who they are backing ahead of polling day

From Jeremy Corbyn wooing the world of grime to Engelbert Humperdinck's love of Theresa May, a number of celebrities have aligned themselves politically ahead of polling day on Thursday.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 9:54 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 2:31 pm
Here we take a look at a number of high profile figures from the world of music, TV and film and who they are backing. Picture: PA.

Here we take a look at a number of high profile figures from the world of music, TV and film and who they are backing.

:: Engelbert Humperdinck - Conservative

The veteran singer told the Press Association Mrs May's decision to call an election was a "smart move".

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"She's very clever, I think she's brilliant. She's got my vote yes," he said, adding: "I like her because I think she has the right principles, she says the right things, she wants everything to be fair and square and I think that's why this election is coming up. She's a very fair lady."

:: Dame Vivienne Westwood - Green Party

The fashion designer labelled the Green Party the "only opposition" earlier in the campaign.

She told the Press Association: "The only way out of this (environmental crisis) is a green economy, and the Greens are the only opposition we've got. Green is the only non-wasted vote."

:: Russell Kane - Green

The comedian is also backing the Greens and complained about Mr Corbyn's leadership style in an interview with the Press Association.

He said: "I'll probably end up voting Green because they have a mix of policies I like, and I think I just prefer the leadership there, more than Jeremy Corbyn.

"But I'll do what everyone should be doing - look at the policies, look at the people who will be implementing those policies and vote accordingly."

:: Sir Michael Parkinson - Keeping it private

The veteran broadcaster told the Press Association he would be "keep my voting to myself" but said he was a creature of his solid Labour upbringing.

However, he's not a huge fan of Mr Corbyn, adding: "Something sad has happened to the Labour party. When you think of the considerable politicians who have been leader or just in the party, it's a glorious tradition.

"He seems inadequate to their cause today and it seems he's being manipulated by young, very left-wing people who are actually making decisions, not for him, but without thinking what the nation thinks."

:: The Pogues' Spider Stacy - Labour

The musician said he would "absolutely" be voting Labour in an interview with the Press Association, but added he had been left a little disappointed by Mr Corbyn's leadership.

:: Steve Coogan - Labour

The comedian and actor has spent time campaigning with Labour candidates Chris Matheson in Chester and Ian Lucas in Wrexham, where he pleaded with people to back the party and accused the Conservatives of being propped up by big business.

:: Danny DeVito - Labour

Not shy of airing his support for Mr Corbyn, the actor told the Press Association in 2016 he was a "big fan" of the Labour leader. Although unable to vote in the UK, he has been supporting the party via Twitter, urging people to "vote for Jeremy Corbyn".

:: The Chicken Connoisseur - Labour

Elijah Quashie, also known as The Chicken Connoisseur, rose to fame last year for his fried chicken YouTube reviews. Asked how he would be voting by Fader magazine, Quashie said: "If I was, then (it would be for) Jeremy Corbyn, because he's one of the few people who makes sense.

"He's not sneaky, he's just a regular guy saying, 'It's dumb spending too much money there, we should spend it here'. It's all common sense."

:: Scouting For Girls' Roy Stride - Lib Dem

The singer said he was backing the Lib Dems as he complained Britain lacked a leader with the style of new French President Emmanuel Macron.

He told the Press Association: "There's nobody in the centre left in the country who looks like they could be trusted. I think that's a massive problem with politics in this country, there's no opposition. Labour and the Lib Dems are a bit of a joke now.

"I'll probably vote Lib Dem but begrudgingly. I wish they'd get their act together."

:: Kate Bush - Conservative?

Although the Wuthering Heights singer has not commented during the current election campaign, she outed herself as a fan of Mrs May last year in an interview with Canadian weekly news magazine Maclean's.

The songstress described the Prime Minister as "wonderful", adding: "I think it's the best thing that's happened to us in a long time. She's a very intelligent woman but I don't see much to fear. I will say it is great to have a woman in charge of the country.

"She's very sensible and I think that's a good thing at this point in time."

:: Rag'n'Bone Man - Labour

Britain's biggest new musical talent will be voting for the first time this week after being inspired by Mr Corbyn. The singer, who used to work in the care industry, told Channel 4 News: "I'll be voting Labour because of various different issues. I've seen a man who speaks with passion and I can relate to what he says. I've never felt like that before."

:: JME (Grime 4 Corbyn) - Labour

A movement which started with the backing of JME has grown into a genre-wide phenomenon. The MC, real name Jamie Adenuga, interviewed Mr Corbyn and revealed he would also be voting for the first time. Other supporters of the Labour leader across the genre include Stormzy, Novelist, Akala and AJ Tracey.

:: Russell Brand - Labour

After interviewing - and then backing - Ed Miliband in 2015, Brand's allegiance to Labour continues as he backed Mr Corbyn as being "committed to serving the people of Britain".