Calls for Beachy Head-style patrols on coast after man dies in cliff fall

Calls for a cliff patrol similar to those at the notorious Beachy Head are among reactions to the latest fatal incident at a coastal beauty spot.

Full details surrounding the incident are not yet known, but the cliffs in the area have claimed a number of lives, and Wednesday's incident has reignited calls for action to prevent further deaths.

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The debate was only intensified this morning when emergency crews were called back out after a car went over the cliffs further north at Frenchman's Bay, towards South Shields. No-one is said to have been hurt, and the car is believed to have been unoccupied.

Among ideas recently put forward include a clifftop sanctuary to help people in difficult and a clifftop volunteer group.

Sonia Amess was among those commenting on our Facebook page after the latest incident.

She suggested a similar scheme to the one at Beachy Head in East Sussex, one of the UK's most notorious suicide spots.

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Sonia said: "Why can't they have someone going along the clifftop looking for people that needs help, they have someone at Beachy Head doing this in shifts?

"If they can't afford this then how about a voluntary position. Saving just one life must be worth it."

Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team operates patrols on foot and by car around the cliffs, in the charity's words seeking " to save lives at Beachy Head, using search, rescue and crisis intervention to reach out, offering hope to anyone who is suicidal or in distress".

There were other calls for action from readers on our Facebook page, and regards passed on to the family.

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Diane Burton said: "It's very sad, something needs to change."

Rachel Mavin said: "This is so very sad indeed. There is always someone to listen, it's just finding the right person.

"I'm under mental health services myself after years of battling depression, self harm and other things. Such a shame that services are so stretched and many simply reach out to nothing.

"I really send my condolences to the family."

Elaine Boyer said: "It's so devastating wen lives could be saved."

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Lorraine Carling said: "Another one. It's about time something was done about it. One of my cousins lost his life a few years ago. So sad RIP."

Mark Mcqueen said: "So sad, such a young age thoughts with his family."