Call for rogues gallery to tackle disgusting attacks on A&E staff

Stories of A&E staff facing disgraceful attacks have left you disgusted - with some strong suggestions on how best to deal with the perpetrators.

Friday, 30th December 2016, 10:09 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:12 pm

You made your feelings known.

Joe Ashton said: "Any of these idiots that assault hospital and ambulance staff should have photo taken and their pictures put up all over hospitals and doctors surgeries, so in future they can be kicked out by security.

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"Staff will then be able to do their job without fear of being assaulted and genuinely ill people can get seen too.

Nikki Briggs: "They can't refuse to treat them due to duty of care, but if they are under the influence of alcohol and are being abusive or using inappropriate behaviour there should be a levy. Something could also be said about the amount of people that go to A&E when they don't really need to be there.

"Having been there last night I witnessed someone go in for a bandage change and someone who had a bad cold. It's clearly signposted that if it is a minor injury or illness to go to the Pallion Health Centre. These very people were whinging that they had to wait to be seen to.

"There's a great sense of entitlement nowadays and I feel sorry for the staff that are constantly busy, but you know I couldn't fault the service last night the staff had smiles on their faces and the organisation and how they dealt with people was amazing.

Jackie Gordine said: "Use a stun gun on them then kick them into a cell to think over their actions, then let police deal with.After a short stay at Sunderland Royal I cannot thank all of the staff enough, it's certainly a job I couldn't do, but these people - docs, surgeons, nurses, cleaners, porters, security, catering staff & everyone else did an AMAZING JOB."

Kelly Whiteley said: "They should close the doors to drunks if their injuries are not life threatening. Treat them when the sober up. I really feel for the doctors and nurses who have to deal with this."

Pete Bogg said: "Introduce cells at A&E staffed by police - the US had or still have a drunk tank - put people in them until they are sober enough to be treated - if they're not abusive - get treatment, otherwise in the tank."

Andy Davison said: "Drunks should be charged for treatment and any mess or damage done and name and shame them in the press, why put prices up just start charging three/four figure amounts same for drink drivers."

Jean Grundy said: "I wonder why when they have drunk too much they are taken to hospital. So they can insult people who are looking after them.Just leave them where they are."

John Richardson said: "£200 for treatment if you have alcohol in your system - simple solution then people would think twice."

Carol Watson said: "This is the one and only time that I think alcohol related injury/insults should be billed for their care. Ambulance/treatment/medication/Ttme claw back every penny from them - they will think twice about how much they drink when it's hitting them in the pockets. SELF INFLICTED - PAY FOR IT."