Brexiters not putting UK first

Alan Wright suggests in his letter about the People's Vote campaign for a referendum on our final EU deal (if any) that '˜Remain diehards are colluding with Brussels' to bring about another referendum.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 11:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 11:43 am

A fairly serious charge, I would have thought, and not one for which he offers any evidence.

One thing there certainly is evidence for is that the Vote Leave campaign was found earlier this year to have broken electoral law by exceeding referendum spending limits. But I know Brexit cheerleaders don’t concern themselves with that kind of thing.

He also claims ‘these people pretend a second referendum is in the nation’s interests when it only serves their own interests’.

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What absolute nonsense. If we exit without a deal, as now seems inevitable, car firms, for one, will begin to desert the UK due to increased costs on their operations, food and medicine supplies will be disrupted, leading to shortages, the NHS will be drained of vital staff, many smaller businesses will go under, while big businesses relocate their operations to EU countries, taking thousands of jobs with them.

Brexiters have long since forgotten about the national interest in pursuit of their rabid goal of leaving the EU at any – and I do mean any – cost.

Of course they’d love for us to fall for the idea that the EU has ‘been disrespectful’ to the UK by not allowing us the benefits of membership after we leave. That’s the arrogance that Brexit is founded on.

Bradley Lamb