Big-hearted firm helps teenager make Tall Ships dream come true

A Wearside company is sponsoring a teenager in foster care to sail on a tall ship.

Seaham-based Drilcorp has made one person’s dream come true by sponsoring him to get on board and sail from Sunderland to Esbjerg in Denmark.

The Sail Trainee Programme is designed to give children from disadvantaged backgrounds a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail in the race.

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A Drilcorp spokesman said: “It was our privilege to meet with our sail trainee earlier in the month.”

The teenager has been hailed as a very enthusiastic young man who throws himself into each and every activity he does.

The spokesman added: “There will be loads to do and learn from watch keeping, cleaning the decks, climbing the masts, cooking and literally learning the ropes.”

They said it would be a great chance for the teenager to “broaden his horizons and make new friends”, adding: “While some of the voyages can be mentally and physically challenging most sail trainees come away with a renewed energy and enthusiasm and of course an experience that they will never forget. “

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As well as the voyage at sea, the experience will also include the chance to take part in a crew parade and prize giving ceremony.

Drilcorp also helped by making sure the teenager had everything he needed from his extensive kit list.

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The spokesman added: “It was a pleasure to meet him and we have asked him to keep in touch throughout the journey and come back and tell us all about it.

“We would like to wish him a safe and enjoyable trip.”