'Better than standing empty' - 16 things you said about the transformation of Sunderland's Joplings site

Sunderland's former Joplings store will get a new lease of life in January when it opens its doors as student accommodation.

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Friday, 7th December 2018, 9:26 am
Updated Friday, 7th December 2018, 9:35 am
The first look around Sunderland's former Joplings site, which will open its doors as student accommodation next month.
The first look around Sunderland's former Joplings site, which will open its doors as student accommodation next month.

The accommodation will be named Jopling House, with the shop's original signs set to be restored. The site's iconic clock will also be replaced with a new, working clock.

Joplings closed its doors more than eight years ago, but will begin its next chapter housing 140 en-suite student rooms, communal spaces, a gym, yoga rooms and conference rooms.

While many of you were pleased to see the John Street building come back into use, others said they would rather have seen Joplings turned into something else, such as another shop.

Here's how you reacted on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Craig Wright: "Why are people moaning about a building that’s lay derelict for years being turned into student accommodation?"

Groovy Students spokesperson Steven Kwan at Jopling House.

Joe Bellerby: "Bringing in people that will spend money in town, yet people moan and complain."

Graeme Wharton: "Looks good ... and hopefully it will boost the local economy around that area ... much better than it staying empty."

Lewis Cowey: "Breathing life into an empty building and bringing people into the city centre who will spent money. What’s to dislike?"

Dale Collinson: "Class! Students spend money so the more the better."

Many of the rooms have their own kitchen area.

Ian Taggart: "Better this than an empty building."

Dorothy Stockdale Webb: "Don't see why people moan its good that students want to come and study in Sunderland it keeps the Uni alive and also helps with the economy in the town its better than it standing empty and derelict."

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First look around Sunderland's iconic Joplings site as it opens its door as stud...

Elaine Johnson: "Why could the city not have attracted a big retailer instead of more student accommodation?"

Neale Pardey: "Wow they are fantastic. Well done to all involved, looks amazing!"

Tracey Hepburn Jackson: "Ahh! Joplings! My childhood memories of visiting Santa."

Moira Brown: "Hopefully revenue for the city ... better than standing empty."

Hilda Rooks: "It's great to see that it's going to be used."

Wesley Dougie Allen: "Waste of such an iconic building."

Jackson Stubbs: "The fact that such an iconic part of Sunderland’s history has been turned into student accommodation is a travesty."

Leanne Mallin: "So many memories ... wish I could go back in for another look before its transformation."

Bex Lapping: "So sad that it's shut wish Joplings still existed, but glad it's bringing more to Sunderland "