Balance is needed in Brexit debate

Bradley Lamb (October 9) writes that I am laying a serious charge against Remain diehards when I said they colluded with Brussels in trying to halt Brexit.

Well given that these diehards are pledged to reverse Brexit what on earth does Bradley think they visited Brussels and the EU “Embassy” in London to discuss?

Bradley also returns to the Leave campaign being found to have broken election law. What he fails to mention is that the High Court ruled that the Electoral Commission misinterpreted referendum spending laws allowing Leave to break them.

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Vote Leave paid £625,000 to clear bills run up by university student Darren Grimes. The Electoral Commission initially said it had no grounds to suspect this was a scheme to get round spending limits.

It later changed its mind and fined Vote Leave and Mr Grimes and also referred him to the police.

Let us have some balance.

Alan Wright