Attacker slipped and knocked himself out while threatening to burn partner in brutal onslaught

An attacker slipped and knocked himself out while threatening to set fire to his partner who he had stabbed and covered in bleach.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 21st November 2016, 1:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:09 am

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Stock picture.

Justin Blundell, 24, used a screwdriver to inflict eight stab wounds to Robert Storeylane's knees as well as slashes to his leg and head during an attack carried out "without warning" at the victim's home in Gateshead.

Newcastle Crown Court heard when Mr Storeylane fell to his knees during the violence, Blundell poured bleach over his head and started to ignite his lighter while warning "I'm going to burn you".

But the court heard Blundell slipped on bleach that had spilled on the floor before he could spark any flame and ended up unconscious on the floor.

That gave his victim a chance to run upstairs and hide until Blundell, who had taken drink and drugs, had calmed down.

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Prosecutor Jonathan Devlin told the court the men had known each other for many years but had started a relationship just a day before the attack in February.

Mr Devlin said the men had both had a drink before Blundell started the attack.

He added: "Without warning the defendant started to stab Mr Storeylane in the knees and legs with a screwdriver.

"He did that approximately eight times.

"There was also a slash injury to the leg and a slash to the head."

Mr Devlin said the injuries Mr Storeylane suffered were non serious puncture wounds which required no treatment.

He added: "Unhappily, the incident did not end with the use of the screwdriver.

"The defendant poured bleach over Mr Storeylane's head.

"By that time, he was on his knees and the defendant uttered words to the effect 'I'm going to burn you'.

"He got a lighter and attempted to light it.

"The floor was covered in bleach and the defendant slipped and knocked himself out.

"Mr Storeylane ran upstairs and hid."

Blundell, of no fixed address, who has previous convictions and was out on licence from a prison sentence for robbery, pleaded guilty to assault.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to 22 months behind bars and ordered him to stay away from his victim for life.

The judge told Blundell: "This was a repeated and sustained assault on the same victim.

"It was a frenzied attack with eight different stab wounds and slashes.

"You lost control of yourself.

"You poured bleach over him, took out a lighter and threatened to burn him.

"You slipped on the bleach, knocking yourself out, and nothing was set aflame."

Jamie Adams, defending, said Blundell is now embarrassed and sorry for what he did that night.

Mr Adams said Blundell's life has been blighted by drink and drugs but he has now sought help to overcome his problems and is on an enhanced wing in jail due as a result of good behaviour and successful completion of courses.

Mr Adams added: "There has been quite a turn around in attitude."