Arrests made in new crackdown on suspected loan sharks

Police have made arrests as part of a week-long crackdown on suspected loan sharks.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 1:17 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 1:22 pm
Police have made arrests as part of a week-long crackdown on suspected loan sharks.

The neighbourhood police team in Chester-le-Street kicked-off the programme this morning by executing two warrants on people in the area.

Two men aged 39 and 43 were arrested on suspicion of illegal money lending and a 20-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting.

Officers are spending the rest of the week working with partner organisations to provide information and support to those who need help with debt and managing finances.

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It is estimated about 310,000 people are in debt to illegal money lenders across the UK.

Since 2004, the England Illegal Money Lending Team have supported 28,000 people and written off £73m worth of debt.

This week the Chester-le-Street Neighbourhood Police Team will be supported by the Illegal Money Lending Team, Community Safety Partnership, neighbourhood wardens, Durham Savers, Durham County Council, Karbon Homes and NE First Credit Union.

There are 30 planned events set to take place between now (Monday) and Saturday, including pop-up meetings, school events and community events.

Surveys will be carried out and up to 10,000 bin stickers will be distributed.

Sharkey the mascot will be out and about all week posing for pictures which people are being encouraged to post on social media using the hashtag #ChesterleShark.

The action by officers is in response to concerns raised about the harm illegal money lending is causing to people.

Chester-Le-Street neighbourhood Inspector Dave Coxon said: “We see the harm caused by loan sharks and illegal money lending, although people are often reluctant to discuss difficulties that they have with their finances.

“We work closely with the Illegal money lending team and other key organisations to provide support and advice to those who are most vulnerable to exploitation by criminals.

“Loan sharks feed on that vulnerability, their motivation being the money which they make for little effort and on occasions use intimidation and violence to obtain payment.

“This week of action is about raising awareness of the issue and trying to help people out of the challenging situations that they are in.”

For confidential help and advice, call the Stop Loan Sharks hotline 0300-5552222.