'˜Antibiotics aren't always the answer', Sunderland patients warned

People in Sunderland are being told that '˜antibiotics aren't always the answer'.
Antibiotics aren't the answer, says Sunderland CCG.Antibiotics aren't the answer, says Sunderland CCG.
Antibiotics aren't the answer, says Sunderland CCG.

NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have launched a new campaign that aims to reduce antibiotic resistance by curbing inappropriate use.

Nine out of 10 GPs have revealed that patients visiting them expect to be prescribed antibiotics for common illnesses like colds, flu or earache, despite the drugs not working for viral infections.

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The CCG is urging patients to only use antibiotics under the instruction of your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and, when prescribed, complete the course and never share them with other people.

Dr Jackie Gillespie, prescribing lead for Sunderland CCG, said: “Antibiotics only fight infections caused by bacteria. Used inappropriately, we increase the risk that bacteria will develop resistance. Eventually antibiotics will no longer be effective.

“By only using antibiotics when necessary, they are more likely to work when we really need them.”