Amazing timelapse footage shows Durham Cathedral being converted into a dinner venue - and back again

Durham Cathedral has hosted a formal dinner in its nave for the first time in its history - and an amazing timelapse video shows how it was done.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 14:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 14:47 pm

Over the course of a week, the whole cathedral was transformed so it could hold the North East England Chamber of Commerce's annual dinner.

One of the priorities of the event was to ensure the 925-year-old Unesco world heritage site was protected.

A still from the timelapse video shows tables being set out in the nave of Durham cathedral. Pic: North East England Chamber of Commerce.

Pews were removed, field kitchens set up, carpets laid, and tables installed then removed, as staff worked to restore it to its usual state.

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The guest speaker at the event was Sunderland-born George Clarke, who said he decided to become an architect after visiting the cathedral with his grandad when he was seven.

The evening raised a total of £75,480 for the Cathedral’s Foundation 2020, which will protect the fabric of the building for future generations.

Durham Cathedral as it's more usually seen.

"At the North East England Chamber of Commerce event we made history, as there had never been a dinner party like that inside it.

"Durham Cathedral creates a sense of wonder that puts my amazing space projects to shame and captures everything that is great about the North East.

" This building represents the region’s strength, determination and northern grit.”

There are daily services at the cathedral, with the Durham Cathedral Choir singing daily, except for Mondays and when choristers are on holiday.

The cathedral is a major tourist attraction, attracting upwards of 750,000 visitors a year.