A misuse of public funds

David Cameron is acting to stem a revolt by his backbenchers on council funding.

After growing unease by Tory councils hit by cuts he has decided to announce a £300million relief fund to help take the sting out of the cuts. He is helping Oxfordshire council where his mother and aunt are actively campaigning against the cuts.

They are getting £9million, Surrey is to get £24million, £19million to Hampshire and £16million to Hertfordshire. I could go on, but suffice it to say that 83% of the money is to go to Tory-run councils mainly in the southern Shires. Major Labour-run councils for the most part will get nothing. This is a blatant misuse of public funds and an attempt to sway opinion in the run up to the forthcoming elections.

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It is only a short time since Mr Cameron exchanged letters with the chief executive of his own council telling them to manage their finances better to which the council responded that 500 jobs were in jeopardy. What then has changed since then apart from an imminent election and the displeasure of his fellow Tories.

I think that the Tories are coming unstuck with the economy and Mr Osborne will be faced before long with the prospect of raising taxes or further cuts.

He has now said that expects a £10million surplus in the last year of his Parliament, although, there is doubt as to whether he can achieve it.

The economy has run for years on the ballooning of house prices in the South and no real growth has taken place. We, in particular in this area, are constantly hearing of closing industries and from our perspective things are getting worse all the time.

Richard Beck