'A great day out spoiled by the match': Your memories of following Sunderland to Wembley for the Milk Cup final

It's 33 years this weekend since Sunderland played Norwich City in the Milk Cup final at Wembley.
A programme from the 1985 Milk Cup final between Sunderland and Norwich City.A programme from the 1985 Milk Cup final between Sunderland and Norwich City.
A programme from the 1985 Milk Cup final between Sunderland and Norwich City.

And although it wasn't the result the red and white hordes wanted, many of you still have special memories of the Rokermen's first visit to the Twin Towers since that famous day in 1973.

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Norman Allan remembers: "Wembley was a tip. I couldn't believe how run down it had become in 12 years since my last visit. The FA mustn't have spent a penny on it for years.

"The old Roker Park toilets were always minging, but compared to the ones at Wembley they were a perfume garden. I swore I would never waste money on that place again and even though I had chances to go again I stuck to my words."

Heather Addison: "Good experience - ended up playing football in the car park with the Norwich fans."

Christopher Anderson: "What a couple of days! Drove down to Watford from Notts in my brother's mate's Audi Quattro in record time. Pity about the result, but the noise from our fans was something else!"

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Gerard Lundie said: "Game of footy and banter with Norwich fans and great drink together. Least said about the game the better, but last one with 100,000 fans."

Mick Brown: "I missed the goal. Was down in the bar getting the drinks for my mate and I. Heard a massive roar and assumed we'd scored. I tried to get past the steward or police with the drinks to get to our seats, but they insisted on seeing my ticket first. I showed them and asked who scored but they wouldn't say. I got to the seating area, looked up at the scoreboard and felt totally deflated."

Steve Rudd: "First visit to Wembley as a Sunderland fan, never dreamed of getting beat, I was gutted. Life as an SAFC fan has not improved on more visits to the old stadium on further occasions!"

Alan Oliver: "Excellent day out until the match started."

David Wilkinson: "Good weekend away. Shame about the game."

Lee Nonme: "Remember traveling down in the boot of a Sierra."

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Stan Sharp: "Remember going down by train, but the match itself was very poor. Corner's mistake and Walker's pen miss stick in the mind."

David Hebson: "We had a team then. Even David Corner was better than half the players we have now. It was a good day, shame about the result, but if West had played we would won!"

Gary Trotter: "I was there with my big bro Brian, it was a great weekend even though we lost! Great memories with a great brother who is not with us now!"

Paul Burdess: "David Corner mistake led to Norwich scoring. Great day out, just a shame about the result."

Stuart Pearson: "First time I cried at a game."

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Dave Watson: "That was the last game I ever went to. Just think of the money I've saved over 33 years!"