50,000 of you can't be wrong! Thousands of you reflected on teen nights at Bentley's

A fantastic 50,000 of you took an interest when we reflected on the Sunday nights for teenagers at Bentley's in the 1980s.

Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 10:00 am
Taking a rest from dancing and an opportunity to sip at a Bentley's special cocktail. Left to right: Michelle Rogers, 16; Susan Bradley, 15; Marie McKenzie, 16; Rayna Charles, 16; Ellen Brand, 15; and Karen Tamsey, 15.

We wanted your memories of the days when special nights were devoted to the teenagers of Wearside.

Anyone aged 14 to 18 could get along and let their hair down from 6.30pm each Sunday and, as the Echo said at the time, it attracted 6,000 young members who would otherwise have been at a loose end.

Having great fun at Bentley's in 1986.

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But what did you remember of the story.

Our post on social media, highlighting the story, went down an absolute storm.

Alison Collinson said: “Lots of fab memories with Justine Shepherd, Dee Leng, Lorraine Pallas, Lynn Stevenson, Lisa Mcilwrath” and she asked: “Can you remember when Bros were on?”

Garry Johnson told us: “Every Sunday night, loved it” while Andrea Kemp went after the ice rink and “a visit to hotline for cheese chips X”

Dancing the night away at Bentleys in the 1980s.

Anne-marie Harrower called them “Fab night’s x” and Rachel Newbegin agreed they were “the best nights!!️xx.”

Shaun Orrell Henson recalled: “I served drinks to all these ... great crowd brilliant night club.”

Juliet Finley said: “I loved it nowhere now for kids to go. We had Bentleys even Blue Monkey had a teenage night Not forgetting the Leisure Centre too.”

Fi Clough may not have gone along for the teenage nights but she said: “Eeeee loved this place ... Best nights ever in Bentleys drinking pink kangaroos

Allison Swainston commented: “Eeh we used to love Bentley’s.

“We did some dancing on that floor!”

Patricia Bowen remembered: “All my kids went there and always came home with pizza at 3 in the morning and they would sit on my bed we’d be eating and they would tell me about their night. Happy memories.”

Nicole Hackett was another to say: “Sure I saw Bros there” and Shaun Orrell Henson gets our thanks for replying: “Nicole Hackett worked that day 100% BROS was there. Every one went mad that day.”

Andrea Crawford Meadows told us: “Loved it, and the rave room...good memories.”

Thanks also to Brian Morrison who replied to our questions ‘who remembers the teenager nights at Bentley’s’ and said: “Unfortunately yes I do hahahahaha”

Andrew Tilly said: “Brings back some fantastic memories” while Kay Thompson said: “Lol loved it think I was only 16.”

And Rob Knight commented: “Saw Bros here id say about 1987.”

Joanne Dior Dodds said: “Great memories!” while Rich Sharp had memories of “Eurasia and Nell & Kim ? :/.”

Paul Sutherland reminisced: “We use to get a minibus thru from Durham on a Sunday night 1986/87.”

Joanne Bowen said: “My hangout, loved it...16 at teen night on a Sunday.”

Joanne Coates remembered: “Watched the Hit man and Her there live” and Tracey Stewart said: “Loved Bentleys went 4 times a week.”

Rachelle Preshaw said: “Great memories” while Sue Buckle said: “These were fab nights!”

Louise Stephenson said she wished she could go back to those days for just one night while Rayna Dickinson said: “Amazing time.”

Another person who loved the reminder of times gone by was Carla Jane Conley Cuthbertson who said: “Best nights ever.”

Thanks also to Yvonne Laffertey who remembered: “Used to love it in there. Even met Nick Kamen in there, the guy who used to do the 501 advert.”

Bev Taylor said she “never dared” go to the teenage nights but Bentley’s was her “favourite place when I finally became a grown-up.”

Janet Ayre Smith said: “We had some great nights” while Wendy Christie described those days as “brilliant nights them ladies if only we could do it again memories we will treasure xx.”

The great thing for the young clubgoers was Bentley’s choice of facilities.

There were two dance floors, two choices of music, a bistro selling hamburgers, a choice of bars with a huge range of non-alcoholic drinks.

The Echo reporter who went along in the 1980s described it as “the ultimate in sophistication”.

Which other nightspots did you love at the time?

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