27 things you said about David Moyes' appointment as Sunderland manager

Almost 2,500 Sunderland fans told us they wanted David Moyes to replace Sam Allardyce as manager - and today they got the news they were waiting for.
David Moyes has been appointed Sunderland manager.David Moyes has been appointed Sunderland manager.
David Moyes has been appointed Sunderland manager.

We asked you earlier this week if you wanted Moyes to take over at Sunderland. More than 3,100 of you voted in our poll - with a whopping 2,446 of you saying yes, he was your man.

Meanwhile, more than 660 of you who answered "no" will be left waiting to see if the former Everton man can live up to expectations, and lead the Black Cats in a successful Premier League campaign.

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Since his appointment was confirmed, comments have flooded in on the Echo's Facebook page - most of them in support of the ex-Manchester United boss.

Marie Pentland posted: "He did well for Everton, didn't get a fair chance at Manchester United..Hope he continues to get the best out of the players. I wish him good luck."

Olalekan Uthman added: "He's a great manager with over a decade of Premier League experience. He will certainly be a success at Sunderland."

Barry Williams said: "As an Evertonian who never wanted him to leave, I wish him and the Black Cats the best of luck."

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Phil Baul: "Best we could have hoped for, always had a good eye for a player at Everton, time for Ellis (Short, Sunderland owner) to get the cheque book out."

Audrey Brand: "Good luck! You have a great club and fans to keep happy David!"

Hilda Dickinson: "We hope the progress will continue as Sam laid good foundations."

Graham Keenan: "Happy with that appt."

Johnny Lee Gould: "Everyone slating Moyes before he's even done owt. Give the lad a chance and get behind him. I remember a lot of fans weren't too keen on Big Sam when he was appointed but now everyone is gutted to see him go. Moyes didn't do well at Man Utd but neither has any other manger since Fergie went. He's not top level but mid table and that will do for me for now. Who knows what he can do if he gets the funds he didn't at Everton. Might just surprise all the doubters just like Sam did."

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Andrew Gatenby: "Great news. Quality manager with a great career record. A career win ratio of 43% is very impressive."

John Haigh: "Very happy with Moyes. Anyone who says otherwise is pretty clueless. Everton were a bottom half club and he transformed them in to a top six team on a limited budget, and got them to cup finals. I'd be happy if he just made us a solid mid table team. He had no chance of succeeding at Man Utd, taking over from Alex Ferguson was an impossible task."

Dan Ward: "Very happy. I see him as a Mark Hughes-type manager. Much better working on a budget, at a club with realistic expectations. He'll build a very solid team if given time."

Adrian Metcalf: "Great appointment and well done to Ellis Short for acting quickly. Pleased to be able to check my phone every 10 minutes for a new signing instead of looking to find out if Sams still around!"

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Rob Irving: "Let's give the bloke a chance, after all Big Sam wasn't everybody's first choice but the rest as they say...."

Bill Walton: "Too right. Quality manager."

Shaun Fox Doneathy: "Top 10 finish on the cards top manager just need a few good signings now and M'Vila back."

Paul Maple: "Great appointment. The best we could have hoped for. I don't see it as a backward step from Allardyce at all. Both good managers."

Bill Raine: "If I remember rightly when we were looking for a manager after Dick left not many fancied Sam now they are crying because he's gone but there are still doubters about David Moyes come on give him a chance I'll settle for mid table with him just for starters."

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Steven Moyes: "Delighted - best man having unfortunately lost Sam."

Shirley Atkinson: "Well give Moyes a chance he was a good manager at Everton and with all Sunderland fans behind him we will show him how passionate we are to have a successful club."

Michael Liam Mccormick Mcgrath: "Very happy, now let's kick on!!!"

John Ollier: "Fellaini and M'Vila please."

Graeme Cowan: "Gutted Sam's gone but happy with his replacement in Moyes."

Some readers were less convinced, though.

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Simon Telford posted: "I wonder why Southampton, Aston Villa and Celtic didn't want him for the clubs he threw his hat in for."

James Mcmurrough: "Not happy failed at two big clubs so I don't know what he will do here."

Steve Crombie: "No passion no charisma no style no hope now. But a nice pay day for miserable Moyes!!!!"

Margaret Crosbie: "Let us just hope he keeps us up and does a better job than he did at Man U."

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Steven McDonald: "Congrats and welcome David Moyes, But it's more like y' last two jobs panned out badly and y' lucky enough to be offered this one don't take the **** by treating Sunderland as a 'stepping stone'."