19 pictures showing the devastating impact of flytipping in Sunderland community

A campaigner working to clean up his neighbourhood has condemned the daily "plague" of flytippers in the community.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 8:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 8:53 am
Flytipping and waste in the South Hylton community.

Former soldier Darrin Carlisle, 50, is calling for improvements in the appearance South Hylton, due to the amount of waste dumped there. In these photographs, we take a look at the shocking level of rubbish left behind.

Darrin Carlisle and his friends have teamed up to improve the appearance of South Hylton.
Parts of the community have been used to tip waste.

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Darrin fears containers of toxic chemicals are included in the piles of rubbish.
Darrin has made a walkabout video highlighting problem areas in the community.
Darrin is including his neighbours to report problems to the council and the police.
He is planning to hold a public meeting in a bid to bring improvements to the area.
In 2017, the Echo launched its Clean Streets campaign which aims to make Wearside a cleaner place to live.
Darrin said: "We are plagued daily by flytippers, motorbikes on paths and quads ripping the riverside to bits."
He also hailed the mess as "an embarrassment".
"We are starting to look like landfill."
Darrin also told the Echo that people have "had enough".
Councillor Amy Wilson said: "A lot of people, including myself and council colleagues, are also fed up with the mess."
Coun Wilson added: "It would be helpful in the first place if some people thought a little bit more about the impact their actions are having on their neighbours."
Inspector Marie Pollock said the antisocial behaviour "of a few" can have a significant impact on residents.
Plain-clothed and uniformed officers will carry out patrols in affected areas.
"We are committed to dealing with this type of behaviour," Inspector Pollock added.
If you see something happening in your community, speak out.
Furniture and bin liners full of rubbish have also been dumped.
You can report flytipping to the council via Sunderland.gov.uk or 0191 520 5550.