18 cats and kittens in urgent need of a home in the North East

These 18 rescue cats and kittens in the North East are in desperate need of a permanent, loving home.

By Helen Johnson
Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 3:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 3:45 pm

Willows Cat Adoption Centre and Pawz For Thought currently have several cats and kittens, some of which have had tragic backgrounds. These are all the kittens and cats currently up for adoption.

Pip is only 10 weeks old and is very tiny for his age with giant bat-sized ears. Little Pip is now searching for his forever home.
Hamish is also aged around 10 weeks old. This tiny tabby is confident, outgoing, friendly and affectionate. He would suit a home with older children.
Bertie is 2 years old and is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. This black and white cat loves human company and strokes. He would suit a home with older children, where he would be the only cat.
William is aged between 10-12 months and is a loving, smart kitten. He is searching for a home of his own with a garden to explore and preferably no young children.
Gideon has a very handsome, distinguished look with soft semi-long locks. He is an independent, chilled cat, but is also very affectionate.
This Persian cat is looking for an adult-only home, where she is the only pet. Dolly is a sensitive soul, who is very friendly and love cuddles, playing with her mouse toys and falling asleep somewhere cosy and warm.
Gracie is searching for her perfect retirement home. At around 14 years old she is a golden oldie but still has tons of love to give. She needs a very quiet home where she can be looked after in her twilight years.
Clarence is a long-haired cat who loves cuddles. He is blind but very affectionate. He is an indoor cat, who needs a quiet home with no children and owners who would be in the house a lot.
Caleb is just under a year old and is playful, inquisitive and energetic. Hes looking for a quiet home with no children and he will need access to the outdoors, so a lovely garden for him to explore would be great.
Asia is a Persian cat, who is around 2 years old. She is very loving and would enjoy a close relationship with a nice kind settled human or two. A home with older children would be ok, but no small children or other pets.
Robin is a handsome tabby and white semi-longhaired cat, aged around 7 months old. He is a bundle of energy and would need a home with no other pets or young children.
Rocky is a very handsome grey and white male who is very shy. He would need a very understanding, quiet and patient home, where he would be given time to build his confidence and feel comfortable.
Suzie is 12 years old and is extremely friendly and loves to follow you around. She is curious and will come trotting to see what you are up to. She is a very smiley cat who likes to purr.
Penny is a beautiful grey and white cat, who is looking for a new home where she would be the only cat. Penny is around 4 years old, and is friendly and loves a stroke. She is a gentle cat who would suit an indoor home.
Marley is timid with strangers, but his confidence has grown during his time in the shelter. He is handsome cat who is searching for his forever home where he would be the only cat.
Alice is a wary cat, but once you have her trust, she is really pleased to have you around and loves a tickle. She needs someone who will be patient and let her be who she is with no preconceptions.
Jessie is a beautiful long-haired black cat looking for a fresh start. She is very shy but gaining confidence every day. Jessie is nervous and would need a patient new home. She needs TLC and some space to grow in confidence.
Dolly is a beautiful, happy cat, who is sociable with other cats. She is gaining confidence every day but she needs a very understanding owner who she can build up her trust with.