15 things you said about rubbish problems in Sunderland

Rising rubbish problems across Wearside communities have got you talking.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 5:00 am

People living in areas such as Hylton Castle, Hendon and Monkwearmouth have all contacted the Sunderland Echo to complain of the issue.

Cash-strapped council chiefs have come under fire for failing to tackle the issue – but they say the real culprit is the Government which has cut millions from the authority’s annual budgets.

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The topic got many of you commenting on our Facebook page.

Nellie Maughan wrote: “I live beside a number of take aways ie Chinese Indian fish shop pizza shop plus bakers.

“People sit in their vehicles eating and drinking they think it’s ok to dump their empties out of the vehicles onto the street.”

Kieron Hume said: “Live in Pennywell and all you see is people dumping rubbish in vans see them all the time. Just because there’s no houses here doesn’t mean they have to dump rubbish.”

Amanda Gerry wrote: “It’s a combination of cuts and people who thinks its Everyone else’s responsibility.

“On a 10 min walk to work this morning I saw a burnt out sofa, dumped furniture and five bags of rubbish strewn all over the cycle path from Barnes to the metro station.”

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall wrote: “Chester Road/Hylton Road and the surrounding streets are full of litter.

“Why can’t people use bins or take their rubbish home like decent people? I was raised to do that but so many have seen parents set a bad example.”

Gabby Gregory argue: “It is a mess and yes, people should behave responsibly when it comes to litter BUT blaming ‘cuts’ is a joke.

“This council wastes an inordinate amount of money... That’s a crime in itself.”

Karen Murley said: “I saw an overflowing bin and two bags of rubbish beside it outside of Ryhope infant school yesterday and there was quite a lot of litter on the paths. Such a shame.”

Heather Williams wrote: “I’ve noticed a huge difference in my local area (Barnes) there’s rubbish everywhere.

“We noticed this morning a council waste collection van driving past the mass of litter that had been thrown across our back lane.”

Paul M Hodgson wrote: “There’s litter blowing about all over the town. All estates and overflowing bins that’s not down to fly tipping. That’s down to the people employed to do the job not getting it done simple as that.”

A worried Derek Cheal wrote: “Yes it needs to be sorted if not the town will be classed as a dump.”

Richard Danger Atkinson said: “Herrington is disgusting at the minute and nothing is done, could be a beautiful area.”

Chris Higgins wrote: “Capital of Culture 2021 everybody.”

William Liddle said: “There are beds, sofas and other unwanted furniture dumped in the back streets of Castletown on a regular basis because people can’t afford to or won’t pay to have it removed.”

Tez Super said: “No wonder Sunderland is lacking. Saw the riverside yesterday, nothing tidy round there.”

Ian Taggart wrote: “What about the removal of bins? There’s bins in parks and on streets suddenly gone. You can’t bin rubbish without a bin to put it in.”

Charlotte Cardiff added: “The streets of Roker are even more rubbish-strewn than normal and the grassy path near Stadium metro is completely overgrown.”