13 things you said about Sunderland's proposed bus service changes

A suggested shake-up of Sunderland's bus services has prompted a big debate.

Sunday, 13th November 2016, 2:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:04 pm
Stagecoach is proposing several changes to its routes in Sunderland.

Stagecoach North East wants to hear people’s views on proposed changes to routes 4, 5, 8, 18 and 19.Here's some of the things readers have had to say about the proposals:

Spepper posted on our Facebook page: “These route are OK, but what is needed is a late service. I finish work at 11pm and all the last buses apart from GNE end at 23:00. It would be nice to run some services until midnight for the late shifts.

Makamlad54 added: “Just about sums it up. Lost the 18/19 down Hylton Road. Lost the 36 to Chester-le-Street. Lost the 35 to South Shields. It’s a joke unless you live at Pennywell. Do they really need all those buses?

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Peter Ramsey said: “Totally unacceptable proposed changes to route 18. It has only been changed within the last year. It must remain at half hourly. As for the traffic delays in the Seaburn area – what are they? I encounter none. Much of it in the Roker area is where people do not have cars due to their age and the alternative E1, E6 and 23 routes are too far from their homes and is therefore the only route for them. The proposed route 18 change to hourly must not go ahead.”

Audrey Brand said: “No wonder people hate public transport. Not for the people. It’s how much money can they make."

Anice Houghton added: “My daughter and number of other kids use the 18/19 from Grindon to Southmoor/St Aidan’s daily. It’s really not clear how they will be affected, but an hourly service may be a huge impact depending on the time.”

Liz Curtis: "Why miss out half of Hylton Road for the number 8?? There are enough buses going up and down Chester Road to the town but only the 8 and 20 from where I live. Now only the 20. Thanx Stagecoach."

John G Hellens: "I could never use public transport because of the changes over the years, routes changed, route numbers change. They need to look at the number of buses that are running round empty or with just a few passengers. If they issued timetables that people could believe it would lead to a more better efficient service."

Carley Anne Yoxall: "Putting the 18 and 19 hourly is a disgrace, I use these to get to college, my child to school and my partner to work and regular hospital appointments for my daughter - this is a joke! Hope they actually turn up as well because they're always late or don't turn up anyway."

Kimberley Wedderburn: "How would we get the kids to school if they removed it from Farringdon? Loads of people rely on this to get to the hospital etc."

Jean Rogers: "Makes no difference what our views are you still change them to suit yourself, not passengers!!!"

Gayle Dent: " I use the number 8 and the change would make me late for work and my daughter miss her connecting bus. What a terrible idea."

David Owens: "Consultation when the workers are at work. How ironic."

Fred Smith: "How on earth could you get buses down Cleveland Road?"