11 things you said about whether new drivers should be subject to further restrictions

Research by road safety charity Brake revealed that nine out of 10 people believe newly qualified drivers should be subject to restrictions on their driving.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 10:49 am
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 11:53 am
Do you think there should be tougher restrictions on new drivers?

So we asked you, the readers, what you thought.

In a poll asking for your view, 69% agreed that motorists just passing their tests should be subject to tougher restrictions. Thirty-one per cent voted no.

17 to 19-year-olds are involved in 9% of all accidents, despite making up only 1/5% of the UK's drivers.

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Here are some of the reasons you gave for your answers.

1. Tom Whitfield: "Maybe there just needs to be more regulation on the roads.

"More police involved, speed checks, random stops, 24 hours a day.

17 to 19-year-olds are involved in 9% of all accidents, despite making up only 1/5% of the UK's drivers.

"You only have to drive on a dual carriageway in Sunderland for five minutes before some bloke in an Audi or other saloon cruises past at 100mph.

"The real failure is more regulation is needed, don't punish the majority over the minority of idiots."

2. Christie Fisher: "And what about the older slow drivers and those who have no consideration for others.

"People who can't park. People who have been driving for years and still feel the need to speed etc etc ... when will they be penalised?

"Okay new drivers need to learn to drive after learing to pass their test but they are not the only ones who cause accidents."

3. David Metcalf: "This is a load of nonsense and uncalled for, there are drivers out there who have been passed many years but drive as if they are just starting out."

4. Jimmy Jackson: "Don't be stupid, take 10 people at random from the street to resit their test and the same nine will fail."

5. Jennifer Hudson: "There should be a limit on the size of the engine and they should be given motorway lessons once they've passed their tests.

"Maybe be reassessed after a six months but at no further charge to make sure they are not developing dangerous habits."

6. Stephanie Henry: "I'm learning to drive and do think maybe some restrictions but from what I have seen plenty of experienced drivers should be given restrictions also."

7. Jason Trotter: "Young drivers should drive a one litre car for a maximum of five years before getting into a bigger engined car."

8. Kate Thompson: "I think there are drivers out there who have been driving for years that should be reassessed. Not just new drivers who have just been passed by an examiner."

9. Vicki Jones: "Are these people saying 'yes new drivers should have restrictions' aware that they were once new drivers!

"It's not cheap to run insure and tax a car let alone pass so in my opinion if they're paying the extra amount for insurance why should there be restrictions, there's drivers out there who've been driving years that need restrictions!"

10. Kieron Paterson: "Just another way in which us young people are having our freedom either taken away or "restricted" nd yet we live in a age of so called "equality" ... yeah right."

11. Paul Warnock: "What I would like to see is re-testing in general, not just for new drivers but also for the great number of complacent 'experienced' drivers as well."