11 things readers said about the teachers' strikes

Today, NUT members across the country launched a 24-hour strike. Is your child's school affected?
The strike is taking place for 24 hours.The strike is taking place for 24 hours.
The strike is taking place for 24 hours.

We asked you what you thought on social media, and if you were supporting the teachers - here are some of your comments.

Tracey Anne Potts: “Fully support them, this will not be a decision they have taken lightly and they are losing a days pay to stand up for our children and their futures.

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“Cuts to education can only result in a decline in standards for our children.”

Tracey Davis: “We still had to stay in school when the teachers were on strike. Time this debacle was sorted.”

Dave Mitchell: “Solidarity to the striking teachers!”

Jo Lawrence: “This is about our children’s futures.”

Steve Hadley: “Will teachers be fined for not going to school as parents are for keeping kids off school?”

Lauren Brown: “I think it’s shocking that some classes from the same year group are off and some are in.

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“Should be either all or nothing. Some of the kids are too young to understand why they have to go into school when their friends are off and it’s the parents who get the brunt of the countless ‘its not fair’.”

Wendy Price: “I’m quite surprised at how few teachers are supporting this strike.”

Alan Gibson: “Why can’t they do it out of school hours, same as in service days, working parents have to take time off work for this, but get fined if they take the kids out of school for holidays even in the last week of term when the kids do nothing anyway.”

Tori Hope: “We bring up your children, probably spend more time with your children than you do, raise your children to the best of our ability (whilst juggling the needs of 29 other children in our class), plan every lesson to accommodate the needs of your children and spend most hours worrying/thinking/planning for your children and their future.

“Yes I totally agree we are overpaid.”

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Faye Aspinall: “Support teachers instead of vilifying them. Blame the government that keep changing working conditions.”

Cath Taylor Wilson: “For everyday they strike, add this day to your child having time off for holiday whilst they still at school.”