11 things Echo readers said about Sharon Hodgson's resignation

Wearside MP Sharon Hodgson yesterday joined legions of other Labour MPs who have resigned from their posts in recent days.

Tuesday, 28th June 2016, 7:40 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:20 pm
Sharon Hodgson tendered her resignation to Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, yesterday.

The MP for Washington and Sunderland West left her position as Shadow Minister for Children and Families, after writing a letter of resignation to Jeremy Corbyn.

But what did you make of the decision?

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Mrs Hodgson posted her resignation in full to her Twitter account (@SharonHodgsonMP) shortly after 5.45pm.

Here are some of your best comments from social media, after the news broke.

Carla Jane Conley Cuthbertson: "I am not into politics however have met Sharon on numerous occasions. She has the people of the North East at heart and done the right thing walking from that leader. Well done Sharon, I wish you well."

Kevan Colling: "Respect to Sharon. Corbyn can never win an election, everyone knows that."

Eleanor Freeman: "Why did they accept positions in the first place if they couldn't get on with him?"

Alan Wharton: "A little bit pressure and work to do and off they go, jumping off that sinking ship."

Les Crago: "Well done Sharon, haway the bonny lass."

Jim Fallon Halliday: "Not angry at her, angry at those who support a leader who is leading the Labour party into disrepute."

Jean Bull: "Shame on you for jumping on the bandwagon."

Dan Ward: "If Corbyn wasn't seen as unelectable by the wider electorate before, he certainly is now after a solid year of being undermined by his own MPs."

John Anderson: "You have jumped on the wrong side of the fence Ms Hodgson. Now have some guts and resign."

Jon Hunter: "Not sure why they are all resigning. What exactly did they want Corbyn to do during the referendum?"

Jo Lawrence: "Disgraceful. She should be standing by a man that was elected by the public."