10 things you said about opt-out organ donation

Passions have been running high since a Bill which would see an overhaul in the organ donation system passed its second reading in the House of Commons.

Sunday, 25th February 2018, 6:00 am
Are you an organ donor?

It would see presumed consent of a person being an organ donor unless they choose to opt out.

1. People who are willing to take an organ, should be willing to give one.

Jennie Hanine Crawford Ford, believes those who are unwilling to donate should not be entitled to receive one.

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Taking to Facebook she said: “I’m on the register if your willing to take an organ, you should be willing to give one fact.”

2.Why bury or cremate parts that could be used on someone who needs them?

This was a question posed by Rachel Revill who said by agreeing for organs to be donated it could save another life.

She posted: “I understand it’s our bodies, our choice. But I believe everyone should have to donate their organs once they’ve passed.

“It could save another life. Why bury or cremate parts that could be used on someone who needs them?”

3. Some people believe it should go one stage further and that there should be no opt out clause.

Dan Macpherson said: “Should be no option to opt out. You don’t need anything when you’re dead, it’s just pure selfishness.”

4. Donating your organs is the last charitable thing you can do.

Eleanor Forster, who is a registered organ donor, believes donating your organs is the last charitable deed a person can do.

She said: “I’m on the register and definitely think it should be opt out. I have promised my family I’ll come back and haunt them if they refuse consent! I’ll be dead, won’t be using the organs, let someone else have them. It’s the last charitable deed I can do on this earth.”

5.The next of kin should have say no over whether organs are donated if you are registered.

Kimberley Billy Watson believes the issue that needs to be looked at and changed is the opinion of those who are next of kin.

She says if a person is a registered organ donor then that should be it and that is the decision which should be respected.

She posted: “What should be changed is that next of kin can say no. If you decide to do it. That should be it. And the decision be respected by all.”

6. Need for better advertising and media coverage.

Some people think there needs to be more advertising and media coverage on the issue to enable people to make an informed choice and it should remain as an opt in system.

Chris Wilson said: “It should be opt in because our Bodies Our choices but also there should be a lot more media coverage about it and advertisements so people can make a choice.”

7. One less thing for a person to think about and do.

Diana Lamb thinks the opt out system is better idea due to the number of people who agree organ donation is a good idea but just don’t get round to registering.

She believes the move will mean donation rates will go up, helping to save more lives.

She wrote: “If you agree organ donation is a great idea but not got round to it then there nothing to do!!! Donation rates will do up saving more lives already effective in Wales.”

8. Should remain as an opt in due to the possibility of computer errors.

Betty Biceps, an organ donor, fears technology is not to be trusted and could see someone who did opt out, still being registered as a donor due to a computer error.

She wrote: “I think you should opt in. I opted in but that’s my own choice. I think it’s quite scary because technology is not to be trusted really. I know this sounds daft but what if someone did opt out but computer but computer says yes you’re in!!

9. Remain opt-in and inform your GP to put you on the register.

Chris Bull thinks being an organ donor should be something you should opt in to do with people informing their GP of their wishes.

He said: “I think it should be something you can opt in, should just be able to inform your gp and then they put you on the NHS donor system.”

10. Wait until the majority of England is registered, then there can be a balanced debate.

That is the view of John Heslop who believes the system should remain as opt in for now.

He posted: “Opt in until it’s majority registered then there can be a balanced debate.”