Changing lives through adoption: Why you could be the parent a cared for child is looking for

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Potential adopters in the North East are being urged to consider early permanence as a route to adoption.

Adopt Coast to Coast are looking for adopters who would consider early permanence for babies and children. Early permanence is a way that approved adopters can look after the child from a very early age, while a plan is still being agreed by the courts for their future. While there is a degree of uncertainty – adoption may not end up being the option chosen – it’s an incredibly rewarding way to be involved in the child’s life much earlier in the process.

The stability of such a plan is much better for the child, and extra support from the Adopt Coast to Coast team helps adults navigate this route to adoption.

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Prospective adopters can come from all walks of life and family settings – you don’t need to be married, own a home, or in employment.

Why early permanence worked for us

Paul* and Steve* became early permanence carers after completing their full training, and were then matched with a little boy called Ben*, which changed their lives forever. They said: “We knew in our hearts, if nothing else, we would have given a child the best start in life if all else failed. If we had been quick to say no then we wouldn't have had this opportunity with Ben and we wouldn't be where we are now.”

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What happens if I want to proceed?

Adopt Coast to Coast are with you at every stage, from initial enquiry to panel approval and post adoption support.

Paul and Steve added: “Any contact with Adopt Coast to Coast as part of the process has been amazing. You expect to be scrutinised and for them to go through things with a fine tooth comb, which they do, but it doesn’t feel like you’re being scrutinised.”

They described the process as straightforward, thanks to a great relationship with their social worker, but said keeping realistic expectations helped: “A year ago we would have thought we couldn’t do it or that we weren’t strong enough to go through with early permanence, but we were. Don’t underestimate yourself, you will have more strength than you think.”

If you think early permanence could be your route to adoption? You can complete an enquiry form online or speak to a member of the Adopt Coast to Coast team on 03000 268 268

*Names have been changed

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