Research shows internet is seen as an essential utility

In our technological world most of us agree that internet access is now an everyday essential. But just how important do we consider it compared with heating and running water?

Find out if you can get quicker downloads, seamless streaming and better connectivity for your internet
Find out if you can get quicker downloads, seamless streaming and better connectivity for your internet

Very, it seems. At CityFibre, we wanted to know more about the role the internet plays in peoples’ lives, so we asked over 2000 UK citizens to rank the importance of a range of items and services in their homes.

After nearly two years of homeworking, internet access scored second only to lighting. But less expectedly it scored ahead of the TV, the kettle and even the smart phone. And they said it ranked more highly than gas for heating and cooking, and even sewage – only electricity and water were considered greater needs.

Investing in a connected world

Major scheme promises quicker downloads, seamless streaming and better connectivity for your internet.

Internet access is now an essential utility and this highlights the need for more investment in the networks that connect peoples’ homes.

Our digital infrastructure is outdated, with almost 70 per cent of homes still relying on legacy technology originally meant for telephone signals. It’s not fit for purpose and cannot support the volumes of data we consume today, the number of connected devices being used simultaneously, nor the consistent speeds and reliability we demand.

Fortunately, a solution exists: full fibre networks.

At CityFibre, we are investing up to £4 billion in extending our full fibre network rollout to reach up to eight million homes, 800,000 businesses and 400,000 public sector sites, which is the equivalent of a third of the UK Government’s target. Currently we are building in 285 cities, towns and villages across the UK including here in Sunderland.

Why Full Fibre?

Full fibre networks are designed specifically to carry data, taking fibre optic cables 100 per cent of the way from the exchange to the home. This technology is not only faster - carrying data at light speed - it is significantly more reliable and capable of scaling to support data consumption as it grows in the years to come.

As a user, it means you can access content and download files much faster, streaming will be seamless, and you will be able to watch your favourite TV shows and films without any buffering. Homeworkers will have a better time accessing remote systems and joining conference calls and all connected devices in your home will operate as they should.

Future-proof your essential internet service

We believe it’s vital households across the country should have the option to improve and future-proof their connectivity with full fibre.

Savvy consumers should look beyond the promise of faster speeds, and look at the type of network the service is being offered.

To find out if you can connect to full fibre with CityFibre and to see which service providers are available, check the postcode checker at