The top kennels, catteries and pet hotels in and around Sunderland to leave your pet in this summer holiday

Are you looking for a place you can trust for your pet ahead of an upcoming holiday?

Monday, 25th July 2022, 1:55 pm

Handing away a pet before going on holiday can be tough, but there are plenty of loving companies pet owners can choose from.

These are some of the top kennels and catteries in and around Sunderland according to Google reviews.

1: Katie’s Luxury Cat Hotel

The top kennels and catteries across Sunderland to leave your pet in this summer holiday. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Describing itself as an alternative to a regular cattery, Katie’s Luxury Cat Hotel in East Rainton has a five star rating from 59 Google Reviews.

With prices starting from £15 per day and rising to £20 per day, the site only accepts cats and has a three day minimum stay policy with cosy suites, deluxe suites and playroom suites available for cats across Wearside and beyond.

2: Fluff and Feathers Pet Hotel

Set up as a mother and daughter partnership in Ryhope, this pet hotel is able to host everything from rabbits to budgies and only caters for smaller animals.

Costs start from as low as £3 per day with cheaper rates available for pets who stay for longer than a week and the site has a full five star rating from five online reviews.

3: Ferry Farm Boarding Kennels

Ferry Farm is a family-run site for both cats and dogs near Offerton which has three blocks of kennels as well as a full cattery with pick up and drop off services available.

With a 4.8 rating on Google from 152 reviews, it is rated as the third best pet boarding option in and around Sunderland and prices start from £18 day care or £23 overnight lodging for dogs and £13 for cats.

4: Stoneygate Stables Kennels and Cattery

Situated on Burdon Lane near the A19, Stoneygate Stables offer accomodation for both cats and dogs at a site which has a 4.8 rating from 83 Google reviews. Prices can be found by contacting the service.

5: Rainton Gate Luxury Cat Hotel

Another cat only option, this pet hotel caters for all cats with promises of special requirements to felines with additional needs such as separation anxiety or frail, old and young animals who need additional heating.

The cat hotel which can be found just off the A690 has a 4.8 rating from 43 reviews and, although the site has a rule of a four day minimum stay, costs remain low at just £10.50 per night for one cat.

6: MyPetStop

Situated in Washington, this site offers stays for cats and dogs as well as smaller animals and birds and has a 4.5 rating from 125 Google reviews.

Prices start at £26.50 for dogs and £14 for cats and the site offers additional extras such as another daily walk and reports and pictures of pets while their owners are away.

In addition to the boarding aspect of the site, MyPetStop also offers other services such as dog training, hydro sessions for pets which can include medical and fun swim sessions as well as a doggy day camp setup for one day visits.