Drone captures stunning photos of huge wreck off Roker

A Sunderland photographer has captured amazing images of the submerged remains of a ship off Roker beach.

By Graham Murray
Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 1:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 9:54 am

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Ross Martin was out paddleboarding with wife Amy on Tuesday, September 7, when they spotted a mass of seaweed below the water.

Amy, 39, said: “I paddled closer and realised that the shape was that of a ship’s helm.”

Ross, 40, a wedding photographer, paddled back and grabbed his drone to see it from above.

The ship's helm can be seen from above in the shallow water in this photo from Ross Martin.

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Amy added: “It was really close to shore right in the middle of the bay.”

The conditions were just right for the wreck to be seen clearly from above.
Amy Martin on her paddleboard gives the image a sense of scale!
Another crystal-clear drone image of the wreck.