The top 20 garden improvements most likely to add the most value to your home

New research from building and renovation expert, Roofing Megastore has revealed  the top 20 garden trends that can increase the value of your home the most in 2022.

By Chris Page
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 3:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 3:14 pm

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New research from building and renovation expert, Roofing Megastore reveals the top 20 garden trends that can increase the value of your home the most

The findings are taken from Roofing Megastore’s Garden Trends Report where more than 2,000 prospective purchasers were asked about the garden trends they now value the most, and which would cause them to lower their offer on a property they were looking to buy.

Garden Improvements That Maximise Your Home’s Value

Over the past two years, our outside spaces have become more important than ever, and flexible living and at-home socialising dominate the top 10 most valued garden improvements.

With this in mind, a conservatory is the most prized garden feature, potentially adding almost £8,500 to the value of your home, and home office garden rooms are now second on a buyer’s wish list for things they’d like in a garden, adding over £7,200 to a property’s value. A garden gym room, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor entertaining area and a hot tub all make the top 10 too.

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Just outside the top 10, buyers would now pay £5,600 extra for a home that had a garden bar. A built-in pizza oven would add on £5,100 and a built-in BBQ could increase a home’s value by £5,000.

Top 20 garden trends that increase the value of your home

1 Conservatory by £8,449

2 Home office garden room by £7,261

3 Gym/studio room in the garden by £7,124

4 Orangery by £6,595

5 Outdoor kitchen by £6,385

6 Outdoor entertaining/dining area by £6,164

7 South facing garden by £6,161

8 Hot tub by £5,809

9 New paved patio by £5,752

10 New decking area by £5,638

11 Garden bar by £5,624

12 Mature plants/trees/flowers by £5,224

13 Children's treehouse by £5,158

14 Greenhouse by £5,157

15 Built-in pizza oven by £5,135

16 Built-in outdoor BBQ by £5,062

17 West facing garden by £5,008

18 Astroturf by £4,999

19 Pergola by £4,980

20 New garden shed by £4,916

Given the increased time many of us have spent at home and in our gardens during the pandemic, it’s understandable how many buyers are keen to maximise the amount of sunshine they get in their outside space.

South-facing gardens are historically the most prized, with dawn ‘til dusk sunshine on the cards during the summer months, and they could also increase the value of a home by £6,161. A home with a west facing garden would see its value increase by £5,008. But an east-facing garden could knock off £4,984 from a property’s value, and a north-facing garden could reduce a home’s value by £5,318.