Spider Season: When are spiders most likely to enter our homes and how can you prevent them?

As the weather starts to cool after the peak summer months, spiders will become more commonplace in homes.

Arachnophobes, look away now! Spider season is approaching and expectations are for the eight-legged creatures to work their way into houses across the UK.

But what is spider season in the UK, when does it fall and what are the best ways to ensure your household isn’t infested with creepy crawlies?

What is spider season and how long does it last in the UK?

Spider Season: When are spiders most likely to enter UK homes and how can you prevent them? (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

Spider season usually begins in September and runs through to October.

It is common to see spiders around this time of year as males search for a mate until the start of Autumn. This is why you will often see larger spiders than usual around this time of year.

The additional number of spiders is also due to the changing weather. Much like ourselves, they look for drier, warmer conditions as the summer comes to an end and will look to remain in houses, sheds and garages to stay comfortable.

Can spiders be dangerous in the UK?

Anyone who may be worried about the impact of spiders shouldn’t be too alarmed. There are a very small number of species in the UK which are capable of biting humans, and even those that can are unlikely to cause any pain.

How can I keep spiders out of my house this spider season?

Those looking to educate the public on spiders suggest not using chemical treatments on spiders to repel them due to their importance in the world of biodiversity. There are a few natural options for anyone who wants to prevent any eight legged animals getting into their property.

Spiders taste with their legs and do not like certain scents or tastes, and there is plenty you can use to keep them at bay.

The most common options to prevent spiders include mint, basil and onions. The latter can also prevent spiders in the garden if they are being grown.

Other natural items which can deter spiders are lavender and cinnamon, both of which spiders don’t like the scent of, so it may be worth picking up a couple of scented candles or plants for the coming months!