How many of these scenes do you recognise?How many of these scenes do you recognise?
How many of these scenes do you recognise?

8 photos of Lermans in Sunderland - but was it the best toy shop in town?

It’s going to be a Christmas with a difference this year.

The pandemic is likely to mean restrictions for everyone but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the memories of Christmases gone by with a visit to some of our favourite shopping places.

Let’s start with Lermans which was in the Palmers Arcade at one point and at Holmeside.

We featured it in 2018 when it stocked 2,500 different toys that year to appeal to all tastes.

Popular dolls such as the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man were on sale. There was Yogi Bear, Emu, Action Men and Nookie Bear.

But what are your memories of it? Take a look through our photo selection and see if it triggers your memories.