Having a right laugh in 2003. Recognise them?Having a right laugh in 2003. Recognise them?
Having a right laugh in 2003. Recognise them?

19 pictures of people enjoying nights out in Sunderland in 2003 - has it really been 20 years since these were taken?

There’s nothing better than a night out on the town with friends.

How about a chance to look back on the evening out you had with pals in 2003?

Whether it was a night in the pub, at the theatre, a restaurant or a nightclub, this lot were happy to be photographed 16 years ago.

Were you celebrating a special occasion with friends or just out to have a good time over the weekend.

Come rain or shine revellers are always guaranteed to have a great time at one of the many establisments the city has to offer

Here is a selection of photos of revellers lapping up the fun of a big night out in Sunderland city centre.

Take a look through and see who you recognise. If you have any happy memories you would like to share, email [email protected].

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