Mackem slang test – see if you can get the full seven

Can you tell your charvers from your spenks?

By Graham Murray
Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, 11:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, 11:13 am

Today, more than ever, slang words and expressions are an international language – shared across social media from Fort Lauderdale to Felixstowe to Fatfield.

But local dialect has staying power - it doesn’t go foisty – and many of the expressions you’ll have used since you were a bairn are still live and kicking.

Indeed, even relative newcomers to Wearside take to our language like ducks to Silksworth Lake.

Watch and see how our reporters do.

Watch as we test two of our own honorary mackems on some old-school Sunderland slang – and see if you can get them all right yourself.