What is Blue Monday? The 'most difficult day of the year' and how to mark Brew Monday with Samaritans instead

How are you feeling today?

We have all probably heard of ‘Blue Monday’ – but it’s time to break the myth and instead embrace Brew Monday.

As we approach the third Monday of January, a date traditionally thought of as the most difficult day of the year, charity Samaritans is encouraging people to reach out to their loved ones over a chat and a cuppa.

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Looking to find out more about Brew Monday and how to get involved in the campaign? Here is some further information about it.

What is Brew Monday?

Samaritans recognises that we all have bad days – and these aren’t dictated by the calendar. So, the organisation wants to bust that myth about Mondays being ‘blue’ and instead calls on people to start a conversation over a brew.

Is there a family member or friend you want to help through a tough time, or do you want to support the invaluable work of Samaritans with a fundraiser?

Pouring a drink and having a conversation is a great place to start. You can mark Brew Monday this year on Monday, January 16 – as well as making time for a cuppa and catch-up with a loved one on any day you like!

Blue Monday? How about Brew Monday instead. Samaritans is inviting people to enjoy a cuppa and chat with a loved one.

Can I hold a Brew Monday event?

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There’s no right or wrong way to recognise Brew Monday; listening is what’s most important.

Samaritans has some great resources to support you if you’d like to organise a Brew Monday get together – whether that’s in person or online.

You can connect with your colleagues, family and friends en masse with a tea party or bake sale, share a virtual brew over the phone or by video call, or do it the traditional way and break out the biscuit tin in person for a one-on-one catch-up.

Invitations, leaflets and posters are all available to download via the charity’s website.

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How can I support Samaritans?

The organisation’s volunteers are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for those who need someone to listen.

If you’re holding an event and would like to raise money for Samaritans, the charity says £5 can help their volunteers answer someone’s call for help.

For more information about Brew Monday and the Samaritans’ work, visit the website here.