Most affluent areas Sunderland.
Most affluent areas Sunderland.
Most affluent areas Sunderland.

These are the 15 most affluent postcode areas in Sunderland according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation

The Sunderland Echo can today reveal 15 of the most affluent areas in and around Sunderland – and some of the streets that fall within them.

Data has been collected from the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) which was most recently updated in September 2019.

The IMD is the official measure of deprivation in England. The IMD combines information about seven different types of deprivation to produce an overall relative measure of deprivation. In the IMD 2019, there are 39 datasets (indicators) organised into the seven domains of deprivation.

The IMD measures deprivation for small areas named Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs). Each LSOA is estimated to contain around 650 households and can span over a few geographically close streets. These areas are ranked with a number to measure deprivation, with 1 being the most deprived and 10 being the least deprived.

LSOAs do not correspond exactly to postcodes, so the postcodes and street names given in this article are approximate.

The following 15 are the most affluent LSOAs in and around Sunderland, with “affluent” being defined as the least deprived LSOAs in the area.

They have been ranked according to their deprivation ranking in the local area, beginning with the least deprived.

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