Sunderland dad shed more than 8st after getting stuck in the bath

A Sunderland dad who used to get stuck in the bath because of his weight now feels like a different person after shedding more than 8st.

Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 4:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th February 2020, 11:46 am

Alan Dodds, 47, from Grangetown, saw his weight creep up until it became a problem that was affecting his health.

Struggling to breathe at times he became increasingly reliant on his inhaler to manage his asthma.

Alan even found himself becoming stuck in the bath on more than one occasion and needed help to get out.

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Alan Dodds before he lost the weight.

The turning point came on June 6, 2019, when Alan decided to join Slimming World in Grangetown Community Centre, Stannington Grove, along with wife Maureen, 42.

Weighing in at 25st, Alan started out as a size five XL and had a 57in waist.

Since then he has shed an incredible 8st 7lb and is now 16st 3lb. He is now a 36in waist and a XL to two XL in clothing.

Dad-of-four Alan said: “You don’t realise how poorly you are when you are that overweight.

Alan Dodds can now fit in the bath after losing weight through Slimming World.

“I didn’t realise how quickly the weight had built up until it was a problem.

“There were times when I did get stuck in the bath and it was a nightmare to get out.

“When I think back, used to eat everything with bread and butter on it.

“I wouldn’t eat one biscuit, I would eat the packet, but now I am in a mindset where I have control over what I eat without counting calories.”

Alan Dodds before he joined Slimming World and Alan after he lost an incredible 8st.

Alan’s wife Maureen Dodds, was the driving force behind Alan initially going along to Slimming World after initially deciding she wanted to lose around 2st.

Joining the group weighing 13st 6lb and a clothes size 18, the full-time mum from Sunderland has lost an incredible 4st 1lb and is now a healthy 9st 5lb and now wears size 8 clothes.

Alan, who works at Nestle, continued: “I feel much healthier and now when people see me I get told I am a happier person.

“And I feel like a different person. I am not getting out of breath and now rarely use my inhaler.

Maureen Dodds before and after losing weight through Slimming World.

“Now I don’t have to order from a catalogue to get clothes, I can just go to a shop.

“I think if more people knew how easy it was then more people would join.

“I think there can be a stigma attached to going to Slimming World but it is the opposite when you get there.

“I was expecting it to be a group for women and people pointing fingers at you, but it was totally different.

“I wouldn’t have went if Maureen had not dragged me, but now we go every week and even socialise with the people that go.

“I just wish I had joined earlier.”

Alan and Maureen Dodds have shed the weight that was holding them back thanks to Slimming World.

Alan still attends Slimming World in Grangetown on Wednesday’s at 7.30pm.

Alan’s diet before:

Breakfast: Full English breakfast.

Lunch: Takeaway sandwich.

Dinner: Takeaways like pizza.

Snacks: Biscuits, cheese toastie.

Alan’s diet after:

Breakfast: Hi-fi bars, Alpen Light bars.

Lunch: Salad.

Dinner: Chicken curry or a baked potato.

Snacks: Carrot sticks.

Alan Dodds has lost more than 8st through Slimming World.
Alan and Maureen Dodds have both lost weight thanks so Slimming World.
Alan Dodds has said losing the weight has been life changing.