Sunderland 5-year-old girl has just hours to live after a cough turned into brain swelling

Five-year-old Isla Wilkinson, from Plains Farm, is spending her last few hours alive in her mother’s arms after suffering brain damage after coming down with a temperature and cough.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 4:38 pm
Updated Friday, 6th December 2019, 5:29 pm
Isla Wilkinson, 5, whose family have been told she has just hours to live on Friday December 6

On Friday, December 6, little Isla Wilkinson, a Farringdon Primary School pupil, was given just hours to live as her mum held her in her arms.

Isla tragically took ill on Tuesday, December 3 while at home. She had a temperature and a cough and started to be sick.

As her mum, Alexandra Williams, known as Alex, was set to take her to hospital, Isla had difficulty breathing and her heart stopped.

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Isla Alexandra Wilkinson

Alex was previously a volunteer at St Johns Ambulance and as Isla turned blue, she performed CPR.

Ambulance staff didn’t start her heart again for 20 mins and she was sedated while her heart and brain mended.

Sadly, on the morning of Thursday, December 5, Isla’s brain started to swell.

Her body hasn’t been able to cope and she has been pronounced brain dead.

Isla has a strong bond with Aiden and Marci.

Alex has done Isla’s hair and nails and she is going to keep her youngest child in her arms while she passes in the children’s Intensive Care Unit at Newcastle’s RVI.

Isla’s aunt Marcia Hogan-Williams told the Echo: “She had too much character for this world.

“She used to love dancing and she was so confident. She never stopped smiling.”

Isla had a close bond with her 9-year-old brother, Aiden and was even an aunt herself to her sister Georgia’s baby Marci.

Marcia described how Isla never stopped smiling.

Marcia said: “Aiden has been at the hospital and has said his last goodbye. She is his best friend so we’re worried how he will cope.”

Marcia, along her brother Germaine Williams set up a Go Fund Me when Isla became ill.

She added: “The Go Fund Me page is really going to help Alex to afford everything with this happening so suddenly.

“She wants a horse and carriage for the biggest most beautiful princess funeral possible.

Isla was a Farringdon Primary School pupil.

“Some money will be donated to The Sick Children's Trust because we understand the invaluable support they give that other families will need.”

The page has raised more than £2,000. To donate search for ‘Little Isla’ on Go Fund Me.