SHAPING UP: Invest time, energy and attention in your body and it will pay dividends

An investment in yourself is always worthwhile. In fact, your body is the most valuable thing you own so you should invest in it to keep it healthy; not just with your money, but your energy, time and attention too!
Committing to adequate sleep might be the best health investment you can make.Committing to adequate sleep might be the best health investment you can make.
Committing to adequate sleep might be the best health investment you can make.

But, I find that too many people are reluctant to invest in their health and wellbeing.

People begrudgingly spend £5 on a fresh juice full of vitamins and minerals, but don’t think twice about spending £10-15 on a cocktail.

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People turn their noses up at a £30pm gym membership, but will happily spend £100pm on lattes and hundreds more on drinking and eating out.People say they haven’t got time to exercise, but spend hours every day watching Netflix and scrolling through Facebook.And then they wonder why they don’t feel good or aren’t reaching their goals.

Your actions show where your priorities are, not your thoughts and ideas.

If you’re having a difficult time making changes to your health and fitness, or even your happiness, relationships or business, take a look at what you’re investing in. Remember, not just with your money, but your energy, time and attention.

The more you give to yourself, the more you’ll get back.

Here’s 10 ways you can invest in yourself to improve your health and wellbeing:

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Exercise regularly: Exercise doesn’t have to take up hours of your day. A 20-minute HIIT workout before work or a brisk walk around the park on your dinner break can have a big impact on your health, physically and mentally, if you’re consistent with it.

Evaluate your diet: Instead of allowing yourself to consume whatever you want, it’s vital that you take control of your food and drink. Why not create a meal plan that you can follow throughout the week so you have a structured plan to follow?Improve your sleep: Committing to adequate sleep might be the best health investment you can make. Lack of sleep has been linked to chronic conditions, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.Manage stress: Long-term stress can lead to health problems. Preventing and managing long-term stress can lower your risk for other conditions like heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and depression.

Hydrate: One of the simplest ways to improve your health is to drink more water. Hydration helps the heart pump blood to the muscles, facilitates healthy bowel function, and nourishes cells. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.Take breaks from technology: Our devices are designed to tap into the brain’s reward system, triggering the release of tiny hits of dopamine with every notification we receive, leaving us hyper stimulated and exhausted at the same time. Taking regular time away from screens can boost mental and emotional health.

Practice breathing technique: Sitting still and focusing on your breathing can be a powerful tool for improving your well-being, counteracting stress, stimulating the vagus nerve (which affects everything from digestion to heart rate), and inspiring clearer thinking and better decision-making.Get help with injuries: I see a lot of people ignoring injuries, working through them or just hoping they will disappear. When you ignore and injury it can cause you physical and emotional discomfort for months, sometimes years depending on how long you leave it. It’s always best to seek advice from a doctor or physio and get to the route of the problem quickly.Hire a trainer: Having a trainer or a fitness expert on your side will help you get results quicker. Your trainer will also provide you with extra accountability on those days when you find it hard to motivate yourself.

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Get outside: Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. For example, doing things like growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals can have lots of positive effects.

If you’re not reaching your goals, or not feeling as healthy as you’d like to then put those ten tips into practice and start investing you money, time and energy in the right places.

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