Where to get a coronavirus test in Sunderland: how can I get tested for Covid?

Testing is no longer free for the majority of us, but where can people in Sunderland still find out if they have Covid?

Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 4:50 pm

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According to the latest Government data, over 230,000 coronavirus tests continue to be taken across the UK every day and test kits are available across Wearside.

There are two types of test the public can use, Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) which can be conducted and registered from home and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests which are used if an individual has symptoms.

Where can I get a lateral flow test?

Where can I get a coronavirus test in Sunderland? (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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In addition to having tests sent to your front door, LFTs are available to buy in pharmacies and remain free to NHS and social care workers as well as anyone with a health condition which puts them at risk of coronavirus.

Boots offer lateral flow test kits online from £2 which can be conducted at home, while in-store testing is also available for £20 with a certificate provided for anyone needing to travel.

Another company offering LFT kits is Randox Health, who are able to post kits for domestic use as opposed to those used for travel. These are priced at £2 per test and are available online while Lloyds Pharmacy offer test kits for between £1.89 and £17.

Primary Care Supplies, Superdrug and supermarkets such as Tesco also offer customers the chance to buy tests.

Sunderland City Council used to operate two lateral flow testing sites in the city, but they have both since closed.

Where can I get a PCR test?

Although PCR tests are available to order online, you can also get tested at one of six sites across the city by appointment only. There are three drive-through sites at Sheepfolds on Hays Street, Silksworth Lane and Houghton-le-Spring.

There are also two pedestrian sites across Sunderland. These are found at the University’s City CampusSunderland Collage’s Washington Campus.

The result notification following a PCR test takes up to three days to come through, although the test is more accurate.

Where can I get tested so I can travel?

The majority of European nations are no longer requesting tests before arrival, although this may change depending on the rate of cases in a given country. All information regarding international travel can be found on the Government website.