Where can I get a coronavirus test in Sunderland?

Coronavirus remains a threat across the city, but where can you get tested in Sunderland?

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 10:33 am

According to the latest Government data, between 800,000 and 1.2 million people are still being tested for Coronavirus across the UK every day and free test kits are still available across the city.

There are two types of test the public can use, Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) are preferable as a regular testing method – these can be conducted and registered from home. The alternative comes in the form of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests which are predominantly used if an individual has coronavirus symptoms.

Where can I get a lateral flow test?

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Lateral flow test kits are available in many high street stores.

In addition to having tests sent to your your front door, LFTs are available to collect for free in pharmacies across the city. Each box contains everything someone needs to conduct seven tests. It is recommended these are conducted twice each week to ensure any samples of the virus can are picked up. The full list is below:


Superdrug – The Bridges, SR1 3LB

Boots – Park Lane, SR1 3NX

McCarthy’s Pharmacy – Saville House, SR1 1PA

Riverview Hc Pharmacy – Borough Road, SR1 2HJ


Medichem Limited – Suffolk Street, SR2 8NE

Medichem Limited – 1 Laburnum Cottage, SR2 8PB

Medichem Limited – 68 Villette Road, SR2 8RW

Valemed Limited Pharmacy – 91 Tunstall Road, SR2 7RW

Asda – Leechmere Road, SR2 9TT

Ryhope Health Centre – Black Road, SR2 0RX

Gw Herdman Chemists – Ryhope Street South, SR2 0RP


Sainsbury’s Pharmacy – Silksworth Lane, SR3 1PD

Boots Pharmacy – Springwell Road, SR3 4HG

Snowdon’s Pharmacy – Sunningdale Road, SR3 4ES

Chaston E Ltd – Vane Street, SR3 1EJ

E Chaston Limited – Silksworth Terrace, SR3 2AT

Demnox Pharmacy – Allendale Road, SR3 3DZ

Demnox Pharmacy – Morrisons site, SR3 2NE


Rowland’s Pharmacy – Mill Street, SR4 7BG

Green’s Pharmacy – Chester Road, SR4 7HS

Million Pharmacy – Hylton Road, SR4 7YE

Rowland’s Pharmacy – Chester Road, SR4 7JA

Pallion Health Centre – HYlton Road, SR4 7XA

Dixon’s Pharmacy – Ormonde Street, SR4 7PP

Forge Medical Practice – Pallion Park, SR4 6QE

Rowland’s Pharmacy – St Luke’s Terrace, SR4 6NQ

Tullochs Pharmacy – Pennywell Shopping Centre, SR4 9AS

Grindon Pharmacy – Galashiels Road, SR4 8JJ

South Hylton Medical Centre – Union Street, SR4 0LS


Cohen’s Chemist – The Green, Southwick, SR5 2JE

Lloyd’s Pharmacy – Sainsbury’s, Wessington Way, SR5 3JG

Redhouse Pharmacy – Renfrew Road, SR5 5PS

Knights Davys Pharmacy – Ethel Terrace, SR5 3BQ

Bunny Hill Primary Care Centre – Hylton Lane, SR5 4BW

Hylton Castle Pharmacy – Chiswick Square, SR5 3PZ

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters – Nissan Way, SR5 3QY


Avenue Pharmacy – Dundas Street, SR6 0AY

Well Sunderland Pharmacy – Dundas Street, SR6 0BB

Avenue Pharmacy – Lower Dundas Street, SR6 0BD

Avenue Pharmacy – Roker Avenue, SR6 0HT

Ashchem Chemists – Sea Road, SR6 9BP

Lloyds Pharmacy – Sea Road, SR6 9BX

Avenue Pharmacy, North Guards, SR6 7EJ

SE Gill Chemist – Front Street, SR6 7PG


J&J Pharmacy – West Grove, SR7 8EL

Eilbeck Chemist – The Avenue, SR7 8LQ

Lloyds Pharmacy – Blandford Place, SR7 7EL

Boots – Church Street, SR7 7HF

Well Pharmacy – Church Street, SR7 7HF

Asda – Byron Place, SR7 7HN

Seaham Primary Care Centre – Viceroy Street, SR7 7JE

Seaham Library – Caroline Street, SR7 7JE

Murton Library – Barnes Road, SR7 9QR

Whitfield G Chemist – Woods Terrace East, SR7 9AA

Whitworth Chemists – Woods Terrace, SR7 9AD

All information is correct according to the NHS website.

The University of Sunderland’s Tech Park is the only place across the city where in-person lateral flow testing is available. The asymptomatic testing site is open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyone without a booking is also able to collect kits for home testing from the building on the Chester Road site. Once an individual has completed their in-person lateral flow test, they will receive a result notification after 30 minutes of their test being conducted.

Where can I get a PCR test?

Although PCR tests are available to order online, you can also get tested at one of six sites across the city by appointment only. There are three drive-through sites at Hays Street, Silksworth Lane and Houghton-le-Spring.

There are also three pedestrian sites across the city for those unable to travel by car. These are found at the Johnson Street Car Park at the University’s City Campus, the Commercial Road Car Park in Hendon and Sunderland Collage’s Washington Campus. Appointments can be booked online.

The result notification following a PCR test takes longer to come through, although the test is more accurate. An email or text notification is usually received within 24 hours of the test being conducted, but Government advice says it can take as long as three days to have confirmation of a result.

Unlike a lateral flow test, PCR tests can be conducted as a one-off to ensure an individual does not have Coronavirus.

Where can I get tested so I can travel?

A separate test is needed for international travellers and what is needed depends on the country the traveller is coming from and the status of that country based on the Government’s red list of nations.

Although travellers need to pay for their tests upon re-entering the UK, there are a series of options, all with different prices. All information regarding international travel can be found on the Government’s website.