'We all stand together' - Second message of hope drawn in sand at Sunderland's Seaburn Beach

Inspirational words have been traced in the sand at a Sunderland beach for the second day in a row – and the latest message is a poignant one.

Spotted on the sand at Seaburn, the message of unity was etched into the sand, waiting to greet people who took their daily exercise on the promenade on Thursday, March 26.

The messages were captured on camera by Echo photographer Stu Norton on Wednesday, March 25 and Thursday.

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They said: “One thing is certain, we’ll never give in” and “we all stand together, 2m apart.”

We all stand together - 2m apart. Spotted on Seaburn Beach by Echo photographer Stu Norton.

You are allowed outside once a day for exercise, to shop for essentials, to tend to medical needs and for unavoidable travel to and from work, where you cannot work from home.

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Meanwhile, customers visiting the nearby Morrisons store at Seaburn were spotted queueing at a safe distance from one another, with large gaps between their trolleys.

The message in the sand at Seaburn.
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A quiet morning at Seaburn beach.