The Covid measures you think should remain in place as Boris Johnson prepares for Step 4 announcement

Good hand hygiene, social distancing and the use of face coverings in crowded places are some of the measures you would like to see continue after Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is today (Monday, July 12) expected to set out when we will move to Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap out of remaining coronavirus regulations.

As outlined last week, Mr Johnson said this move, referred to by some as Freedom Day, would see the nation “balance the risks” and move away from legal limits, allowing individuals to make their own decisions about how to manage the virus.

It is expected that the PM will announce Step 4 can proceed in one week (from Monday, July 19), but that he will urge caution as we move forward.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make an announcement about Step 4 of the roadmap on Monday, July 12. Picture: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images.

Ahead of the update, we asked our readers to share which Covid-safe measures they would like to stay in place, if any, going forward.

Many called for all measures to cease and things to return to normal as we learn to live with the virus.

Others argued for the continued use of face coverings and keeping to social distancing, where practicable.

Face coverings and social distancing

Simon Metcalf: “Masks should stay as we should remember the mask protects others not the user.”

Malcolm Frostwick: “Wear masks in public places. Use common sense.”

Karen Arnott: “Face masks on public transport, indoor spaces and keep social distance.”

Kathleen Sarson: “Happy to carry one the way we are now masks distancing and sanitising.”

Tom Watson: “Facemasks and social distancing. I've been as safe as I could be, never caught Covid until literally last week! Not a very nice experience.”

Marie Jobling: “Social distancing definitely.”

Angela Lishman: “Face masks indoors and on public transport, and one-metre plus social distancing.”

Deborah Ferrell: “Two-metre distance should be permanent. But, I thought this before Covid.”

Table service and QR code check-in

Amanda Maskell: “100% think we should keep table service.”

Graeme Collinson: “Table service in pubs. I love it. We love it. Long may it continue.”

Emma Rossi Green: “Think the bars etc should keep the Covid things they have in, place check-in for sure as still loads of people getting infected. Just to keep us all safe.”

Elizabeth Hayhurst: “Masks in confined busy places and table service in bars.”

One-way systems/reduced capacity in shops

Stephen Ball: “Masks when shopping and on public transport. Numbers limited in shops but not for people who are working in [those] industries.”

Meg Barber: “One person only to do the grocery shopping, keeping numbers in the shops to a minimum.”

Kevin McGee: “The one-way system in the supermarket to stop people dithering and dawdling.”

Hand hygiene

Gary Brown: “Just encourage sanitisation (especially high traffic surfaces) and not touching. Doesn't harm the precious economy, and saves lives. Easy job.”

Stella Watson: “Keep wearing masks and hand sanitising.”

Ann David Lanley: “Wear masks, wash everything you come into contact with. It's basic common sense.”

Bridget Cheetham: “Only one that should ever have been put in place, wash your hands!”

Cath Sawyer: “I would like to see hand sanitiser remain in pubs and shops.”

Karen Ball: “Hand sanitiser is important, think I will carry on keeping one in my bag when out and about.”

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