'If it helps stop the spread' - Readers react as MPs approve use of Covid passes in nightclubs and large venues

The use of Covid passes to gain entry into certain venues in England has been both criticised and welcomed after the restriction was approved by MPs.

The new rules were passed in the House of Commons on Tuesday, December 14 and require people to show proof of two Covid-19 vaccinations or a negative lateral flow test.

This applies to nightclubs, indoor events with 500 or more attendees where people are likely to stand or move around, outdoor events with 4,000 or more attendees and any events with 10,000 or more attendees.

We asked readers for their views. Some backed the introduction of Covid passes as being a good idea to reduce the spread of Covid, while others believe it sets a “dangerous” precedent for the future.

Here is what you had to say on our social media pages:

Barry Holyoak: “A very dangerous thin edge of the wedge.”

Betty Henderson: “If it helps stop the spread it’s a great idea.”


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It is now mandatory for nightclubs and large venues to check the Covid status of visitors over 18. Picture: Steve Bardens/Getty Images.

Kathy Haq: “It should have been that way since the vaccination program started.”

Josephine Marshall: “Freedom as we know it will die with these passes.”

Phil Hume-Hopper: “It's a minor inconvenience, but one that is worth it. How many places will actually be affected?”


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Gloria Dixon: “I think it's a good thing as it's been proven viruses spread more in large gatherings.”

Jo Wilkinson: “Been testing twice a week for 12 months, had Covid and got my jabs … it’s no hardship to show my pass to enjoy a night out.”

Lorna Perrin: “I am fully vaccinated but I am a big believer in liberty.”


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Linda Anderson: “At least they haven't made vaccination mandatory like in some other countries and the unvaccinated have an alternative to just do a lateral flow.”

Leon Charteris: “If I have Covid with no symptoms and I go to a venue, can you please tell me how my Covid passport helps?”

Debra Ann Glendinning: “Some of our family didn't make it, I nearly didn't - just be glad you're alive and show your passport.”

Linda Wright: “Just came back from NYC and we had to download an app. If you didn't have proof of the vaccine you simply got refused entry to pretty much everywhere.


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"It was pretty straight forward and I felt safer having this in place.”

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