Key opening dates for shops, gyms, pubs, hairdressers and leisure centres - as Government sets out steps to easing lockdown

When will gyms, shops, restaurants, leisure centres and hairdressers be able to reopen according to the Government’s latest roadmap to ease restrictions.

The Government’s outline on how and when Covid measures can be eased was unveiled on Monday, February 22 – seven weeks after Boris Johnson revealed plans to impose a third national lockdown.

Prior to the lockdown, the North East was already under the strictest measures, having been placed under tier four, meaning restaurants, pubs, non-essential shops, gyms, leisure centres and hairdressers were all closed.

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So what does the Prime Minister’s announcement mean for the future and when will these reopen?

This is when shops, gyms, pubs and hairdressers could reopen

Pubs and bars

Boris Johnson has outlined a four-step plan to reopen different elements of society.

Step Two – which will be implemented no earlier then April 12 – will see the reopening of pubs and restaurants outdoors.

There will be no curfew on when they will be able to open and there will be ‘no Scotch egg debate’ as there will be no requirement for alcohol to be accompanied by a substantial meal.

When shops, pubs, gyms and hairdressers are set to reopen after lockdown

By Step Three – implemented on May 17 at the earliest – will see pubs, restaurants as well as cinemas, hotels and theatres reopen indoors.

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Gyms and leisure centres

The reopening of gyms and indoor leisure centres will reopen as part of Step Two – which will begin on April 12 at the earliest.

Prior to that, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, open air swimming pools and other outdoor sports facilities will be able to reopen on March 29 and formally organised outdoor sports will resume subject to guidance.

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Non-essential shops will reopen as part of Step 2 – again no earlier than April 12.

Hairdressers and barbers

Barbers and hairdressers along with other personal care such as nail salons will also be able to reopen as part of Step 2.

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The reopening timings are subject to change and if analysis of the latest data against the four tests requires a delay then this and subsequent steps will also be delayed to maintain the five-week gap.