Sisters’ artwork goes on display in London at grocer to the Queen, Fortnum and Mason

Two teenage sisters have had their artwork displayed in the shop window of the world renowned Fortnum and Mason department store in London.

The Piccadilly based store, which was established in 1707, is particularly famous for its luxury food produce and has long been the official grocer to the Queen.

After taking part in a series of online summer workshops organised by the charity The Creative Dimension Trust, Whitburn Academy students Ebony and Scarlett Dembry can enjoy the prestige of knowing their work will be admired by thousands of shoppers, including royalty, purchasing hampers or partaking in afternoon tea.

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Ebony, 15, who created a silhouette plate design of a wood pigeon dress hat, said: “I had heard of the shop and know how famous it is and it’s an honour to know my work is displayed there.

Scalett (left) and Ebony Dembry with some of their original designs.

"The theme we were given was surrealism and the design had to be in silhouette. We were given a selection of images and I decided on a bird design for my hat as I quite like wood pigeons.”

"Seeing my work on display has really made me consider art as a future career.”

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Sister Scarlett, who has now moved on to study art at Newcastle College, took the lead in creating the backdrop design for the display which was based around the concept of clouds.

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Ebony's pigeon plate design and Scarlett's cloud backdrop on display at Fortnum and Mason shop window in London.

Scarlett, 17, said: “I think clouds capture the concept of surrealism and I was inspired by the artist Rene Magritte who would often use them in his work. It’s really exciting to think my work is on display at such a unique and prestigious location – not just in an art gallery.”

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The talented teenager also got the chance to travel to London for the day to help put the finishing touches to her design before it went on display.

She added: "Being in London it’s going to be seen by so many people and that makes me really proud. Hopefully I will be able to travel back to London in the near future to see the final display.”

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While the sisters have not yet had the chance to see their final work on display they’ve seen photographs which were taken by neighbours and family friends, Mark and Adrianne Morris.

(left to right) Art students Chloe Coleman, 17, Rebecca Bentley, 15, Ebony Dembry, 15, and Scarlett Dembry, 17. Chloe and Rebecca have also been inspired to take part in the Creative Dimension Trust online workshops.
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Mark, 54, said: “We went to London to see a show and decided to go for afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason. We had heard the girls’ work was going on display and it just so happened the day it went up was when we were there.

"It was great to see their work showcased in such a prestigious venue and we were very impressed with Scarlett and Ebony’s talent.”

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The school’s Art Department now hope the girls’ success will inspire more young people to take up art and pursue it as a career.

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Art teacher Kay Sarginson said: “We are very proud of what the girls have achieved and this really allows children to see the value of their artwork. It’s such a famous building and if you have something displayed at Fortnum and Mason it’s very prestigious.

"Hopefully this will help to inspire other students.”

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It certainly seems to have had the desired affect with more students at the school now having enrolled on future workshops run by the Trust.