Lake Poets star Martin Longstaff's pride at  honorary fellowship from Sunderland University

Sunderland musician Martin Longstaff has spoken of his joy and pride at being awarded an honorary doctorate from the city’s University.

Saturday, 6th July 2019, 11:49 am
Updated Monday, 8th July 2019, 5:21 pm
Marty Longstaffwith St.Paul's Choir, Ryhope,
Marty Longstaffwith St.Paul's Choir, Ryhope,

He took to social media to express his pride in a series of message on Twitter: “I love working in education equally as much as I love making music,” he said.

“I write and sing about the places and people I love, and I always try my best to highlight important issues that I've experienced or that I've been made aware of in the hope of making a positive change

Sunderland University's St Peter's Campus

“I feel exactly the same in the classroom. Every day I strive to pass on and demonstrate that a passion for learning, hard work and determination can seriously change your future for the better.

“Music and education have given my life meaning and purpose and I've devoted my entire adult life to both, enjoying the highs and reflecting on the lows. And I'll never, ever stop doing what I love.

“I'm in some seriously esteemed company. All of them huge inspirations to me and countless others and I couldn't be happier. Including Eddie Izzard. Squeeee!!!”

Martin, who will receive a doctorate for Services to Music and Education, thanks those who had made it possible – including wife Laura.

He added: “I couldn't be doing what I love without the amazing teachers, lecturers, profs, friends, colleagues & mentors I've been lucky to have had along the way. And my supportive family, & my genius wife, who is furious btw cos she actually had to work hard for her doctorate

“Only joking about my wife. She is super proud. I'm looking forward to meeting and addressing all of the UoS 2019 graduates next week, and actually graduating myself! I had to miss my PGCE graduation cos me and the band had a gig with Tom Jones.

“P.s. Hugely chuffed too for Nadine Shah & Darren Henley who have inspired me and many, many others over the years. Well deserved. And super excited to meet new chancellor Emeli Sande #hawaythegrads #sunderlandtilidie.”