Headteacher says grades are 'fully deserved' as Sunderland school celebrates second year of improved results

A Sunderland school headteacher has praised pupils and hailed their GCSE results following their stressfull and challenging final years due to the pandemic.

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 4:31 pm

Sandhill View Academy headteacher Joanne Maw stressed students’ results were “fully deserved” as the school celebrated a second consecutive rise in GCSE attainment.

The school continued its upward trend with 62 per cent of pupils securing a grade 4 (standard grade C) and above in Maths and English while 43 per cent achieved a grade 5 or above (high grade C).

Mrs Maw told the Sunderland Echo: “I’m really proud of the achievements of all our students and the results are a further improvement on what was achieved last year.

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Sandhill View Academy students Finlay Anderson and Leona Barker, both 16, celebrate attaining nine grade 9s in their GCSEs.

“We were expecting this cohort to do exceptionally well. It has been an exceptionally challenging and stressful year and the way our students have responded has been amazing.

“They fully deserve the grades they got.

“Today represented a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hard work of staff and students as well as the tremendous support from parents that has led to these wonderful achievements.”

In the absence of final examinations, students had to complete coursework and ongoing in-class assessments and mock examinations to provide evidence to support their grades.

Sandhill View Academy headteacher Joanne Maw stressed the results students attained were "fully deserved".

Mrs Maw added: “In addition to teaching, my staff have had to become examiners, markers and moderators.

“All our results have been through a rigorous process of moderation and the results are justly deserved.”

The schools top two performing students were Finlay Anderson and Leona Barker who both achieved an astonishing nine grade 9s (higher than A* grade)

After receiving his results, Finlay, 16, told the Echo: “I’m really happy with what I’ve got - you can’t really get much better than that.

Sandhill View Academy students react after seeing their GCSE results.

“All my hardwork has paid off and I can’t wait to start my A Levels.”

Fellow top performing pupil Leona, 16, added: “After the year we’ve had I’m really happy with what I have got. It was a relief to see my results.”