GCSE RESULTS DAY 2022: Watch as Monkwearmouth Academy headteacher praises students ‘amazing’ achievements as results improve despite pandemic

Monkwearmouth Academy headteacher Mike Grummett has praised students for their “amazing” achievements which has seen the school’s attainment improve despite the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic.

While results across the country are still be processed, early indications show that students’ attainment at the school is above the national average for English and overall pupils’ progress has on average improved by half a grade since the last set of examination results.

Mr Grummett said: “Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard through a really tough two years in order to prepare for these GCSE and vocational exams. To put this into context, our Year 11 students have not had a full year in school since Year 8, but despite this have shown their resilience, determination and adaptability and we are incredibly proud of them and everything that they have achieved.

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"Students and staff have worked hard together to ensure any disruption to their education was kept to a minimum. A superb remote learning package was put in place immediately after the first Year 11 group having to isolate

“As a teaching staff, we have delivered over 1000 hours of additional tutoring in order to prepare our students for these exams, and our students have worked with us every step of the way to achieve what they have today.”

One of the school’s top performing pupils was James Newby, 16, who attained two grade 9s, five 8s and one 7.

He said: "I was worried sick beforehand, but I am really proud of my results. Looking back now I had nothing to worry about."

Monkwearmouth Academy pupils Hannah Dorgan, 16, and Jenna Scuffham, 16, with their GCSE results.
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Classmate Jenna Scuffman, 16, also performed well achieving four grade 9s, three 8s and one grade 7.

She said: "My results were better than my mocks and I’m really happy with my grade 9 in all 3 sciences and in Maths."

Friend Hannah Dorgan, 16, who scored four 7s and four 8s added: I am really pleased with my results and can't wait to start my A-Levels. I am still undecided on what A-Levels to study but I am considering Chemistry, Psychology and Maths"

James Newby, 16, is "proud" of his results.
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Wishing the students a successful future, Mr Grummett added: “We are really proud of our students and hope that they will always be proud to be part of