Celebrating Sunderland creativesCelebrating Sunderland creatives
Celebrating Sunderland creatives

13 Sunderland creatives making a mark in their field and helping the city bloom

Sunderland’s creative scene is flourishing, and the city boasts more artists’ studios than ever before, allowing creatives to develop their talents, build careers and inspire communities.

From Hills Arts Centre and Breeze Creatives in The Athenaeum building to the recent announcement that The Norfolk Hotel is set to be transformed into studios, historic buildings across the city centre have been and continue to be repurposed to provide unique environments for creatives to thrive.

And let’s not forget the work underway to build Culture House, a multi-purpose venue that will stand at the heart of the Riverside Sunderland development combining a city library with space for arts and crafts, learning, exhibitions and more.

Sunderland is a city for creatives. And on that note, here’s 13 you might not know about.