Music, politics, telly and sport: 11 weekend quiz questions

Here are 11 quiz questions on a variety of topics for you to try. Have a go at them with your family and friends, but don’t forget to share them online, then bicker.

Saturday, 18th June 2022, 12:03 pm

As usual, the answers can be found below the 11 questions, but there’s no cheating mind. As usual, gloating is allowed if you win.

1. Who is the current Deputy Prime Minister of the UK?

2. In which English county is the city of Winchester?

What do you know?

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    3. Which Netflix drama stars Adjoah Andoh as the sharp tongued Lady Danbury?

    4. Which song, written in 1934, includes the lines: ‘Fish are jumpin’; And the cotton is high’?

    5. Which type of home-made weapon is named after a former Russian foreign minister?

    6. In which Shakespeare play does the character Benvolio appear?

    7. In 2014, which band’s Greatest Hits became the first album to sell over six million copies in the UK (clue: it’s not Abba)?

    8. Who is the current manager of AFC Bournemouth?

    9. Who wrote the 19th century epic poem Don Juan?

    10. In June 2022 Jennifer Lawrence became the latest EGOT. What is an EGOT?

    11. Before Dominic Raab, who was the last person to be Deputy Prime Minister of the UK?


    1. Dominic Raab 2. Hampshire 3. Bridgerton 4. Summertime 5. Molatov cocktail 6. Romeo and Juliet 7. Queen 8. Scott Parker 9. Lord Byron 10. Someone who has received Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards 11. Nick Clegg ( between 2010 to 2015)

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